M/S in mobile phones manual way

Hey! Instagram marketers i was bit off from instagram after 2019. But now i am trying to run 30 slaves for my main account, any one running manually or through mobile automation can you please share me a few notes on this and current limits going on.

Current limits on mobiles safely is 160-200F - 160-200UF and up to 200 Likes per day.
DM’s can be sendable up to 20 if not warmed up well. If its all good then up to 50 per day.

The most of importance is accounts per device and airplane switching + account creation.

Other than that - smooth sailing.

For our clients in Jarvee, even the slaves are on API Limits and Delays so that they won’t do too much API calls in a short period of time.

Have the accounts been on rest since 2019? If so, take the actions really slow and observe first for a week or two, then you can gradually increase the actions.

Make sure as well that the accounts do not have similarities with one another so that IG does not detect a pattern among them.

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