M/S method. How many child/slave accounts per phone/proxy is safe(if using app cloner)

Hi guys. I saw many people said they are using app cloner for creating account purpose. But I m wondering is it possible to clone instagram using appcloner for slave accounts to increase the maximum for each proxy/phone and keep safe at the same time.

To use 2-3 accounts for each instagram app(one orginal one and one cloned). The sum of each phone will be 4-6 slave accounts. I plan to rotate ip by using airplane mode whenever i need to switch account or user the cloner app.

Is it plausible? I’ve seen jarvee users suggest 2-3 slave/child accounts per proxy or phone for safety. Is the rotating 4g ip by airplane mode + appcloner doable?

thanks guys!

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i run 100 clones on a single phone and automate them (though i dont use app cloner) … whenever i switch clones i automatically turn airplane mode on/off and had no single issue as of now… not a single block… etc

as long as your IP changes between airplane mode i think you should be fine… also need to check if your cloner changes IMEI / IMSI data too… as IG tracks these… IMEI/IMSI is related to the sim card that you’re using

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Seems very interesting approach :slightly_smiling_face:
Mind elaborating it a bit?

if you are asking/referring to what cloner i use and what software i use to automate them… it’s all private and not for sale

It was actually. As immediately I was thinking this can’t be done with a public tool. It must be costume.

But great for you! Sounds very promising. Thanks for elaboration brother :slightly_smiling_face:

I use this manually and works good so far for me credit goes to the app cloner. If u have a team of va’s it’s really profitable to work on it

Was thinking about seeing If I could run 20+ accounts through appcloner but been too busy to test

PM me I will provide you more details :slight_smile: but not public

Cloner is patched like a month ago. And all accounts created using the same can be tracked. wont say more on how…

100 clones! Wow, that’s insane. Are you doing automation on your android phones or using jarvee?

Turn on air plane mode.