M/S or M/C expert for Instagram (anyone here?)

Yeah M/S is probably better and cheaper in the long run but are your clients gonna be cool with waiting a few weeks before they start seeing any results?

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Almost all of my M/S Clients accepted to wait 1-2 Weeks without any issues,These Clients know what to expect and what are the flaws and challenges of this Service.

If you have a Client who doesn’t know how this works,They will definately not wait so long for it.

@ldamien65 - preferably not. Would prefer a seller (service provider) who comes with pre-warmed up accounts which they can use for new clients - hence, eliminating the waiting period.

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Whilst I admire the hustle, I can also tell you’re pretty new in this field, likely business in general. Just because someone offers you the best ‘bang for the buck’ and that is half or less quoted by someone else, it doesn’t mean their service is 1/3 as good as those seasoned professionals who have been around the forum for years with established client bases.

Yes, you can get lucky and get a similar service for a quarter of the price. But the opposite is also true. You might end up with someone promising great results not knowing what they’re doing and seeing zero to little results for months to come just to realise the mistake and regret paying double later.

To each their own, but don’t assume everyone will get you ± same results and those with 3x price just want to cash in on you. A lot of times people can charge more and do because they can deliver and know others won’t regardless of promises and fake social proof.

You only learn this the hard way tho lol. Good luck.


This is indeed the goal. On a sidenote :

  1. Each client is unique, so the child accounts will have to be reprofiled (fully for some).

  2. These “already warmed-up” accounts with instant results means that they are already created, and running since a few weeks on their proxies = rates will be higher, of course (think about +20%).
    As the clients demand is (very) huge in that field, it might be a bit complex for providers to offer this, as they have to handle the cost of creation + accounts maintenance, but it’s definitely possible if well managed.

Talking about my network (currently at 10k+ accounts), I plan on having stocks of “warmed-up accounts” from may, not before. Anyway, I think most providers will go that way too :slight_smile:

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In that case man, you’d have to go for guys who specialize in just a singular niche. Like the guys who only focus on music, fitness, money-online, etc. They have accounts branded towards that specific niche and audience ready to go at a moments notice. No rebranding or additional warm-ups necessary.

edit: and most of the time, their child accounts already have a pretty big following acquired via f/uf so they can just switch up the accounts they’re promoting in the DM anytime a client leaves and a new one arrives.

I went that way about a year ago and have never looked back. To me it makes far more for me than creating new/warming up on a new order for a general client because those waiting weeks is lost recurring revenue. Of course it all depends on niche. Grats on getting your network over 10k accounts…that is no small feat.

In my opinion, one of the most reliable no bullsh*t guy for the MS is @denis1 but be prepared to spend some money to get started, so if you are not working with rich high-paying customers (celebrities, soccer players, athletes, musicians, etc) who don’t mind spending 600 and more monthly, then you should not bother with MS at all. As someone who is many years in this business and has seen everything, this guy is a real pro. His setup, custom software, and accounts are really good. I am using his service too for my MS customers so this is my short review :smiley:

Thanks !

Yeah, you made a good point here. It requires some ressources to do that at a scaling, but I guess it’s a must nowadays, more than ever.

@iki Thank you for those words mate. Trying to do our best team work out of the Gram :slight_smile:

Excited to try out two service providers from this forum - @tacos & @denis1 :smiley:

If anyone else is great at what they do (M/S), shoot us a message! I’d appreciate if you could send through a sales deck for our reference. Thank you all!