M/S or M/C expert for Instagram (anyone here?)

Hi all,

Looking for a Master-Slave or Mother-Child expert with experience in Instagram Growth. There are a few pages, influencers (verified), small business and NGOs - all looking to grow on IG. Most plans will be monthly retainers. Seeking your help here on MP Social!

Only looking for someone with top-notch work (at an affordable price), who can deliver - as my clients are promised accordingly. Any leads would be appreciated!

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WTB Thread approved.

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What is the price range you are seeking for and what metric would you like to use to gauge appropriate compensation? $/followers gained, # of slaves running, etc?

looking for someone to do this for me as well

Have none of you guys been DM’d by anyone yet?

A few, yes. But haven’t gone ahead with anyone yet. Let me know if you guys find anyone good.

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Okay same goes to you lol

Will do @ldamien65.


Yeah he’s supposedly good. But yeah, unfortunately with all M/S, you have to wait sometimes up to several weeks until they onboard you. You find anyone for Mass DMs?

Looking for this too.

Nobody for Mass DMs yet. I prefer M/S as we get real estimates with respect to what results we can expect @ldamien65

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Rectification: several people reached out to you both for M/S and mass DM but it was not in your price range :slight_smile:

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@Enguerran I am already working with 2 OPs (from MP Social), and both have retainers between $200-$300 a month. You can’t quote double the price (for similar results) and expect a conversion only because you continuously keep following up with a potential client.

And for the record - buyers do want the maximum bang for their buck, and hence, most of us would prefer to work with service providers > resellers (and pay less for the same service! :slight_smile:).

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You’re wrong, I keep following up because when a prospect/lead don’t say “I’m not interested” it means that there is still a room he can be one of your customer, it’s a marketing trick.

Good thing, I have never resell any service, even mass DM.

Also, if you want to know why my service is more expensive than others, I’m not looking to have any type of client, only the one paying more, this is how I see scaling :wink:

Who said similar results? You don’t know my services at all and the quality compared to any other seller here… We’re running M/S perfectly for all our clients right now, last IG update was not a problem on this M/S set-up

Good luck, I’m glad I’ve to come publicly to have an answer from you :slight_smile:

Yeah M/S is probably better and cheaper in the long run but are your clients gonna be cool with waiting a few weeks before they start seeing any results?

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Almost all of my M/S Clients accepted to wait 1-2 Weeks without any issues,These Clients know what to expect and what are the flaws and challenges of this Service.

If you have a Client who doesn’t know how this works,They will definately not wait so long for it.

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@ldamien65 - preferably not. Would prefer a seller (service provider) who comes with pre-warmed up accounts which they can use for new clients - hence, eliminating the waiting period.

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Whilst I admire the hustle, I can also tell you’re pretty new in this field, likely business in general. Just because someone offers you the best ‘bang for the buck’ and that is half or less quoted by someone else, it doesn’t mean their service is 1/3 as good as those seasoned professionals who have been around the forum for years with established client bases.

Yes, you can get lucky and get a similar service for a quarter of the price. But the opposite is also true. You might end up with someone promising great results not knowing what they’re doing and seeing zero to little results for months to come just to realise the mistake and regret paying double later.

To each their own, but don’t assume everyone will get you ± same results and those with 3x price just want to cash in on you. A lot of times people can charge more and do because they can deliver and know others won’t regardless of promises and fake social proof.

You only learn this the hard way tho lol. Good luck.


In that case man, you’d have to go for guys who specialize in just a singular niche. Like the guys who only focus on music, fitness, money-online, etc. They have accounts branded towards that specific niche and audience ready to go at a moments notice. No rebranding or additional warm-ups necessary.

edit: and most of the time, their child accounts already have a pretty big following acquired via f/uf so they can just switch up the accounts they’re promoting in the DM anytime a client leaves and a new one arrives.

hey are you still providing M/S service?