M/S - Story viewing - Jarvee [Journey/Help Needed]


I created 25 slaves for my account yesterday and started mass story viewing on them. They give me roughly 5 followers an hour. Thats about 120 a day which i believe is a good number. Atleast its helping me in maintaining my current follower count stable. (I was losing about 80 a day. I think thats common when we previously grew using follow unfollow). However, taking it commercial might not be cost viable. So i wanted to know if we can replicate the same story viewing on Jarvee? Is it possible to view 20k stories a day on Jarvee? If yes, how do we scrape users that fast? What are the limits on the number of stories that can be viewed each day?

And while i seek help above, let me share the issues etc while initiating the same yesterday

  1. I started with 55 accounts that we purchased. 5 of them were between 1000-2000 followers and 50 between 0-200 followers
  2. Out of the 55, I was able to login to 42 accounts. I did not add any account manually on Jarvee. I just input the excel with username, password and email credentials. It might have been possible to login to the remaining 13 as well, if i recovered the code sent to the email manually. I am not sure. The error said - invalid handshake or something on those lines. I couldnt comprehend
  3. I immediately archived the posts and reposted 6-9 images from my main account (All these actions were done within 3 hours of logging in)
  4. After about 3 hours, I changed the username, BIO and profile picture

PS: All the actions were done using proxies from zproxies. I wanted to finish all the actions super fast because I wanted to know the fastest turn around time in case a clients wants to get started asap.

After about 12 hours (I slept and then i woke up), I started logging in to these accounts on a story viewing providers platform. By that time, about 14 accounts were disabled, 2-3 accounts wont receive the code to the email. So i was able to login to 25 accounts. None of these accounts had any blocks or got disabled since then. Its only been 24 hours but that seems to be a good sign. I also automated 4-5 accounts the same way previously and once they were logged in to the story viewing platform, none of them were ever disabled. All the issues cropped up only before i could reach that stage.

I wouldn’t put your main account handle in here…