Made mistake and used Famoid and got scammed. rant and review

So a learning lesson for me for anyone that considers using them. I was doing a lot of manual action on IG. Growing the page thru follows mostly. It got to the point I wanted the appearance of more followers then following. I figured why not use Famoid for 500?

They say they trickle in the followers within up to 6 days. That was lie number one. The accounts all hit within a couple hours. I was like OK, now I can just focus on my other work.

Next day. 150 unfollowed. So I’m thinking alright I’m still growing steady with my follow and follow back ratio.

Following day. 50-75 unfollowed. Now done over 200 so I start getting more aggressive on my follow ratio.

Next day. More unfollowed… I look at all the accounts and people are from India or middle east. Obvious fake accounts. Looks like some got accounts deleted.

At this point I didn’t want them at all anymore. Its just ridiculous. I decided to complain to them. Its been over a week and I’m still growing my account fast by following new posts likers.

Famoid tells me that none of their accounts unfollowed me. Their service is perfect. That all my unfollows were from people I followed… I guess they arent smart enough to realize we can track these metrics with other apps. Its fine tho cause I don’t want bots and bad accounts anymore. My engagement numbers are high at least and account growing fast.

Anyway. I’m down to maybe 100 followers left if that from them that didn’t drop yet. I’ll drop them myself next week when more time. Posting pic as proof of buying their services.

lol these guys are scammers open a case and get your money back and i think they use hacked accounts to follow people in some packages

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I paid with bitcoin so lesson learned lol. I know I won’t get it back. I also bought some hashtag eBook that I got kinda got screwed on IG. The eBook wasnt barely a page long if not for the large text and photos (total 6 pages) and seemed to be all information for free from here…

lesson learned with crypto lol cant trust every seller

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$8.95 for 500 fake followers which dropped that fast is way too expensive. It’s better to just stick with manual follow/unfollow or use Jarvee if you want to try using an automation tool.

yeah, you can definitely get more followers using Jarvee (real followers that won’t harm your account)