Made new instagram account "instagram user". HELP!

I made a new instagram account for a name I really wanted. I did this on an android phone that is 4 years old that we never used on instagram also used a network for first time on this phone at a vacation home. I had updated insta app before I started.

  1. I had turned off wifi on my real phone (which has 3 accounts lite use to no use) before I went in house real phone would nt be on network, as it had before random times.

  2. When I registered this new account it assigned a “instagram user” name, not the name I wanted. Said it suspected too much activity. Told me to check back within 30 days before my account deleted. this android was bought on eBay about 5 years ago, we never used it on instagram.

  3. The only connection I can figure out Is I also brought in my iPad in the house and I forgot to turn off wifi on the iPad BUT I was entirely logged out of instagram on it. I previously had registered 3 instagram names on this iPad on another network but as said logged out of all accounts on insta.

So will I ever be able to get this desired user name? Where did it go? Its for a special project.

the only other thing I can think of is I registered 4-5 gmails over past month to make various account on different devices at different places. Do google and insta spy together?

Is the network wifi?
Also has anyone else stayed in that house, used the wifi?

yes the house is an airbnb but not alot of people stay , maybe 4 different people a year but I doubt if they are blasting instagram with usernames. The airbnb is so expensive, im sure they have better things to do.

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A flagged ip can stay flagged for a long time, my home wifi is flagged because I used an extension to download photos and now every account that goes on it dies.

You want to use mobile data.

For now, I suggest you read the forums on getting your account back. Theres some links you can try and maybe they will give it back so you can keep the name.

Just use the search function, there are lots of posts on this.

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Do you see the option “Request review” like in the image below?

Even if your account is deleted, I think you have a good chance of recovering it since it didn’t actually violate their community guidelines.


thank you for your response!
after added the new account this message popped up. The option to click “next” would nt take me anywhere. So I dont know what the next steps are. I stayed logged In but my name became “instagram user”. I tried logging in again, it said same. Its been a few days. I have nt tried logging in again since.

when you mean mobile data, its best to register instagram names on mobile data on new devices? I thought I was supposed to go a dedicated IP. I ll look into some forums. thanks so much.

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Mobile 4g is great as the ip rotates so its never fixed.
Whereas wifi is usually static and if its been blacklisted then every account will be in trouble.

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can you give me the short course on how to register multiple names that I Intend to hold on to
maybe use one day.

one. phone and different SIM cards and use 4 g wifi?

I have this message now, when I click “next”…nothing happens. Only option is to log out, which I wondering if I do I ll lose the account. So bummed, as I already registered the website and tik Tok.

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Try open it with the chrome browser on your phone, use your mobile data and use your actual phone number (not a new one). Pass the catcha and do a phone verification. If it passes then you could change the name and make a new account with that name, as this account will have a low trust score.

If it goes to 24hr then you will need to go for an appeal.

Heroslair thank you so much. Before I make another critical error, can you advise me more Please! ! This account is for my aunt with dementia lots of funny stuff like demanding I sleep in the toilet closet because she thinks I m an intruder and her making us protein powder sandwiches for lunch. :rofl:

I just paid for Verizon service prepaid service on this android (before I had no service thats why I used wifi) AND got a new SIM card.

So should

  1. I try thru Chrome on my phone with mobile data and new SIM card (only way I can have mobile data)
  2. try thru Chrome on phone with someones wifi and old SIM card (since it had no service)
  3. try on a new laptop that has never touched instagram thru browser and someone else’s wifi

About the phone number, I ve used my real number on an account that got shadow banned 2 years ago, so I dont want it touching this new account. Can I used google voice, if not i ll use a friends that never used instagram.

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I would use your phone with mobile data. if the the captcha box doesn’t show on your app like in your screenshot then you will need to try on a broswer. If it shows on the app then use that.

Use either your real number or someones number that they have had for awhile. I noticed that new numbers have a much smaller chance on getting passed captcha.

If it goes to 24 hour review then there was nothing really stopping that. You will have to try appeal the account.Someone may be able to add the link for that. It changes all the time.

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Thanks so much! I ll give that a try soon!

resolved. I went to help section of instagram and stated my account had been hacked. Instagram told me my account was disabled. So each day I tried to fiddle with it and it would give me increasing access almost let me make a post but always would say try again when there is an internet connection. So I tried to sign in via a browser on the same phone, it asked for phone number verification, and voila…I finally got in and it restored my desired name where as before my account name was labeled “instagram user” So my account is probably tarnished after this but I ll just proceed to go. Thanks for your help @heroeslair

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That’s great news

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