emails not receiving 6 digit email verification code(s)

Hello all,

I have about 100 aged IG scrapers that I have not used in about a year
All have attached emails

I wanted to start using them again & knew I had to add an app password for imap to work, so I did that for a few of them

The problem is that the ones that went to EV do not receive the 6 digit code in the inbox. I tried requesting through MP and logging into a Opera browser and requesting there too. Nothing worked

I sent an email to the and that worked, so it is receiving emails, just not from IG

That issues comes and goes often. Not sure what causes it. Usually you have to do it in a browser manually. I avoid ru emails

Yeah I suspected it was something like that
I do avoid RU emails now but i have 100 two year old scrapers I would like to put to work
If I can get into them I will change the email

I have seen you are getting beat up (Advanced discussion thread) - I hope it calms down soon.

To let you know, with my aged scrapers:

  1. 4-10 days rest will clear a phone verify
  2. 1 - 3 days rest helps in some cases on the AR issues
  3. The ‘automation detected’ does not seem to have any consequence, i just click it & keep going

I am currently testing this new ‘Scrape Warning’ notifcation that MP has added but it is just a new notification for a legacy issue, it looks like an API block type of issue & I suspect 1-3 days rest will clear that one too

Yeah the issue is hitting new accounts it seems mostly.

Yeah I think I know your aged account supplier haha. They used to do yahoo which was even worse.

My guy went by Trust accounts, but I do not think he does it anymore

I rarely lose pages anymore but dealing with PV/EV & blocks is annoying

Yeah same here. The new automated thing is annoying, the delay makes it worse.

I thought it’s because of sanctions of Russia. But maybe I was wrong