MailChimp Issues Are KILLING Me & My Businesses

Alright, so I’ve been having an issue with MailChimp that basically ruined 3 of my companies.

Has anyone ever had an issue with MailChimp’s “Omnivore” system?

It’s meant to stop spam, etc. but I’m literally sending 1 email every 2 days or so on clean email lists.

I tried reaching out to MailChimp’s support team, but let’s be real here- we all know they won’t do anything for me.

Before you ask, I’m not using GetResponse, Aweber, etc. because none of them accept PayPal payments for whatever stupid reason.

Anywho, any insight into this “Omnivore” issue would be much appreciated- my companies are basically ruined for the time being until I can figure something else out.

Once again, my lists are clean, I’m not spamming, literally only have 2 links/URLs in a 28 email autoresponder series 2 times. There’s nothing spammy about anything I’m doing- I’m so lost.


I am using a free self hosted solution, together with Amazon SES.

Amazon doesn’t accept Paypal, but there are a lot of alternatives. And Mautic is completely free. It works fine on a $5 Vultr VPS (Vultr accepts Paypal).

The nice thing about something self hosted is that you have control over everything yourself.


I’ll definitely check these things out. Thank you very much!

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I just use Outlook. Hopefully things will clear up on your end, I know how shitty service interruptions somewhere in between the lines can be.

Self hosted is for sure the way to go. More time to setup but then you have complete control

try market hero works like a charm for me. They got a free plan also. With Mailchimp and Aweber I only got email campaigns blocked and accounts locked when I tried to reach my subscribers with a newsletter and a related affiliate product link.

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