Main account keeps being suspended


I own my main account since 2011 and use to do a little F/UF (manually) every day since 2019. The users I F/UF comes from saved collections and this is automated using JV. Since august I also used the publishing tool a bit, to post like 1 post every 2-3 days. I stopped posting pretty quick because IG flagged nearly every post I published using JV as spam (4G quality same country IP used) - even if some posts were promoted (paid ad). Now I face another problem : I totally deactivated JV for my account to rest since now 10 days, I changed my PW but every day, my account is suspended by IG ! Every day !! I have to go through the verification process : I’m not a robot / 6 digit per mail / 6 digit per SMS. Then my account usually is recovered immediately, but even if I’m not using any automation and nearly not using my account manually either, I’m getting through verification process every day. I use IG on one single phone, the same. I think it’s a bug ? I’ve notified IG but no change… Someone also have the same issue ? It’s so annoying !!