Main account shadowbanned in JARVEE

My main account that i just linked a week ago, is shadowbanned.
I’m setting it up on 4G Proxy, and i warmed it. ( No API )
What should i do now?
Forget the account and start a new one on new proxy.
Or just keep following on postings until shadowban is gone.
Thank you for the help

Perhaps it could take a few months for the account to be un-shadowbanned. If you don’t care much about the account you could start a new one. If you do, then you should probably stop automation for a few weeks/months and rely on organic actions.

Shadow banned can happen even without authentication. Ive had it happen a few times to my big account. Just play by instagrams rules and t will get lifted

You don’t forget an account due to shadow bann!
Figure out what you did which led to to shadow bann, do not repeat.

With time the bann will be lifted and you should be good to go again. But then once the bann is lifted work your way slowly up, don’t rush your actions.

What actions did you do before you noticed that the account is shadowbanned? This can easily happen even if you don’t use Jarvee, when you use account manually.

I also wouldn’t forget about the account, you should reduce actions for some time, and make some adjustments that you think that could be reason for this.

Continue working manually on the account. Continue posting as well. Shadowban will probably be lifted very soon if you follow IG rules and do the actions only manually.