Main Accounts starting getting Action Blocked after 4 Weeks

Hey Guys, I am running like 65 Main Accounts right now. They do Follow / Unfollow / Publish Stories + Pictures / Reply to Messages with 1 Spintax Link + 1 Emoji Secondary Message / Story Viewer . And everything went fine for the last couple of weeks without any blocks but now I am getting Action Blocks on few of my Accounts. I disabled all tools instead of the Dm’s and Story Views for now to keep them active. I got the Action Locks for Following or Unfollowing (Not running both tools at the same time).

Any advice here? Running one 4G Proxy on every Account. Should i just keep the follow/unfollow tool disabled, for how long?

Thanks for every answer in advance <3

Are you using the API or the EB?

My accounts are working fine, but only F/UF. You can try to stop the account for 24 hours and see how it goes.

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EB for everything instead of Publishing

If you got blocked on the EB, then you can try switching to having the actions done on the API. You also mentioned these are for 65 main accounts, are you also using scrapers for them?

Yes, I am using Scrapers and Following Specific Users. I thought EB is giving less Action Blocks overall, isn’t it? Gonna run few Mains with API only then and see how it goes. Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you using the F/UF at the same time? You should use the “Enable automatic follow/unfollow”

Enable automatic follow/unfollow is a function that will start or stop the tool after a certain amount of followers/followings is reached. So the Follow tool will work until account follows (for example) 7498 users, then the Follow tool stops and Unfollow tool starts unfollowing until the number of followings is less than 500 (example) you can change that number from unfollow settings as shown in the picture below:

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Thank you I am doing this already, but I am switching to Unfollow after reaching 500 - 600 followings. Why do you recommend 6500 - 7500? I thought following 7500 People without Unfollowing one should be more suspicious then Following 500-600 and unfollow afterwards and repeat.

How many F/UF were you doing in a given time with these accounts? IG automation involves trial and error and often due to IG's constant updates, settings that worked once might fail now.
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Do you use for each account a different proxy?

Yes, Static 4G Proxies.

I think he just gave those numbers as an example but you can definitely change those numbers depending on your preferences. :slight_smile:

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For the accounts that still use EB and get blocked, you can try checking these options in the advanced settings:

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You should always think about lowering the limits and switching from API to EB and vice versa to see on what does your account executing the actions better and what causes less blocks for those tools.

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Make sure that you have good quality proxies and a maximum of 2-3 accounts per proxy.

Make sure to have very low settings at the start and work your way up slowly.

You can use the Embedded browser to do action or you can use the API emulation

If you keep getting blocked you need to stop the accounts for a few days change the proxies.

try to switch between using the embedded browser and API emulation from time to time.


Thank you for this information @ossi
Should I wait a few days after the account has logged off and relog it with a new proxy?

no the logout happens when the tool gets blocked. If after the relogin, your account still gets blocked, you should rest the account for 1-2 days before starting the tool again.

Do you give the account time to rest?
Do you use for each account a different proxy and are the proxies new?

Yes, that is always a good idea, especially when chaing IP addresses for that account.

better to give the account few days rest after those issues that helps with the account trust score.

How do you switch from API to EB?