Main banned from m/s?

30 pages, model, wanted free trial.
Growth via dm, no spamish messages ie “follow/like this page”. Messages recieved with replys or likes and reiterates just a fan.

Model wanted some pages to tag. A few do and only photo tag. Bio “fanpage”/“not impersonating” along those lines.

Her page 20k, my pages < 500 for trial.
Banned twice exactly a month apart, first time 20 days after trial and second run 5 days during. The banned message says shes been banned for impersonating. What?

My first thought is if this were true you could ban anyone’s page quickly but the timing is off and it’s the first time its happened to her. Account recovered. Anyone experience similar?

Ive never had a ban or heard of a supplier having one. Maybe its your clients content that caused it or your ms setup is spammy.

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My thing is lets imagine setup is spammy. You could technically destroy someones page easily. If its her content then shes banned for impersonating her own photos? Unless Instagram is just being well Insta and the reason for ban is not the reason given.

Personally I would probably go with them doing something that got it disabled before assuming ms did it. If she has anything that goes against terms etc then that can ban, saying things people report etc.

If its related to ms then its very weird as it would probably take something very bad to get the main taken down.

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