Majority of followers not seeing my post

Quick question I have an account with 78k follower but when I check the post only 2k - 3k are seeing the post is that normal???

It’s the latest Instagram algorithm, or the changes they’ve made, people seem to be getting less exposure in general.


It’s pretty irritating :neutral_face: Got to find a way around it besides hashtags

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I completely agree. If there’s a will, there’s a way. All of my accounts have dipped in engagement drastically. It’s a frustrating time to be on the platform. Seems they’re only interested in money and not the user experience.

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It seems like if you are not paying they aren’t giving you what you need

Whats your Engagement Ratio? How many likes do you get as average without counting Likes from Engagement Groups? Thanks :slight_smile:

They’re doing same thing as they did on FB. Nothing unusual for network owned by FB - pay for higher reach…


Around 1500 - 2000 and I don’t use engagement groups

It’s really sad what they are doing they might end up killing Instagram

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ok guys I did an experiment last night I made a video post and used hashtags in the comment section 9 high ranking hash tags and 21 low ranking I made it to the top post in all the hash tags but like 3 of them but the video post only has 4,817 impressions so not only is my regular post not reaching most of my followers but my hashtag posts as well even though I am at the top post place for most of them the niche is of comedy

Can you post this account? I would like to take a look :slight_smile:

I sent you a message with the post links - I don’t want to share the account completely

Hah typical Facebook (who owns IG)