Make IG account stable?

Hi guys,

I did more than 400 acc with igramtool, and ipv6 private proxys. The accs are just some weeks old, if i try to use it right now i got a really hight ban rate. My question is, there is a way to make them more stable, let it rest for a months? Log in with mobile? What would you recomend to make the accounts real ussable.


you did all the steps required for a High ban rate, nothing to do now.


hahahaha really? not even if i use now hight quality proxys?

igramtool bad very bad
ipv6 bad

Too late my friend :slight_smile:


High quality proxies would have been the thing to do in the first place, like get some sort of rotating residential proxy provider. But the thing is lots of them are abused from my understanding, and if people find something solid they likely don’t share it for that reason.

On top of that, iGramtool may not be the best method for creating accounts. You can explore the options more.


Hahaha, well said. My shady Russian proxy with crappy email addresses is not doing well using an account creator? :thinking: Wonder why :sweat_smile:


use gmail and mobile rotating proxy or ipv4 not data centre