Make money now whit me

Talk about everything Facebook Marketing related, strategies, how to earn money or get more likes, how to post without being banned and more.11694837_128871734115648_720027217294974719_n


Of course, can you please start the discussion? I’d love to hear what you have to share with us.



I have a good amount of facebook ad experience over the past 10 months. Growin my brand and getting sales everyday consistently. Would love to help anyone that needs it!


So lets start, how are you making decent money of facebook?, doing what?


Ok I’ll comment on this as well because I am making some money and I will love to know what else I can do. Here are my stats so far for the last 14 days.

Facebook ad spend 69.96 on video ad
Clickbank Revenue: 174.44
What I’m doing I have a video ad on facebook that points to a wordpress blog with a landing page built with instabuilder 2.0 (search google and download it free). Make sure your laning page is facebook friendly with a disclaimer at the bottom EG: "HIS SITE IS NOT A PART OF THE FACEBOOK™ WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK INC. ADDITIONALLY, THIS SITE IS NOT ENDORSED BY FACEBOOK™ IN ANY WAY. FACEBOOK™ IS A TRADEMARK OF FACEBOOK, INC"
disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of service pages. Mine is simple is just says the offer with a few words and a button that says click here to get your report. I am not collecting emails because in my ad I say I don’t need a credit card or email address.

After they click they go to the clickbank offer.

I hope somebody has more ideas or is doing better than me and can help with any other suggestions and if you have questions I can anwer them obviosly I am not going to give you the niche or campaign info but any question I can anwer without disclosing my offer info I will help.

Tracking with Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Prosper202


I have a shopify website and built a brand on instagram and facebook and using ads to get people in a funnel with a free + shipping offer.

this is my results the last couple weeks


So you are spending only 10$ daily for ads?, whats your product cost and margin profit?

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Nah Im spending around $55/day I reduced the budget because I was changing the creative.

Why is your CTR so low, what’s the product?

I own multiple fanpages in the pets niche, biggest one has 140k real fans. I used to make 1k per month from facebook with free traffic before they changed the game

Yes, FB always making it harder for everyone!

Definitely seems like an interesting way to monetize.

Would like to hear more about this. I have a book and will start advertising it on FB.

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interested too, hope so many FB money makers share their methods on how they get money from facebook

wow what a terrible idea

Are you using Facebook catalog and product-level retargeting?

Facebook increase your business awareness in a short time. Here is a big chance to enhance your brand populairty. Facebbok is a big online marketing platform.