Make Money Selling - How To Get Aged Instagram Accounts

Here it is guys, if you still can’t make money, hustle ! :joy:


My eyes are going to explode trying to read that with all them colors he definitely had a bit of Crystal Meth before writing that

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I hope that’s in trolling section :smiley:

I’ll send that screenshot to HawkEye :smiley:

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If the guy can really generate AGED accounts, he must know some time traveling secrets worth way more than $20 :)))

I will teach you how to create AGED accounts. AGED ACCOUNTS

Are you sure mate this works ? Is it Tested by you ?

I thinks was just a joke :smile:

It’s really simple.

  1. Create account
  2. Let it age for 6 months.
    You have 6 months aged account. You can add your own twist:
  3. Let it age for 12 months
    You’ll have 1 year old account!!!

This is not simple at all man!

I like his deal better, pay him a non-refundable $20 bucks and he’ll create 12 month old accounts for you. Much better deal, much, much better :smiley:

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Hold, on, i’m going to write an ebook now.

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ok ok bloffing

Make sure i got space for review copy,haha…

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I’m sure he’s teaching them to add post’s and add 2015/2016 dates to these posts, this is what I do to make them look aged when they not

Who is the guy?