Make Twitter Great Again?

Twitter set to simply accept Musk’s $43 billion offer to buy the company

Three Things Elon Plans On Changing

  1. Free speech and content moderators. Musk has often expressed concern that Twitter’s content moderators are going too far and intervening excessively on the platform, which he sees as the internet’s “de facto town square.”

  2. The algorithm. At a TED Convention this month, he elaborated on his plans to make the company’s algorithm an open-source model, which would allow users to see the code showing how certain posts came up in their timelines.

He stated that open-source would be better than “having tweets sort of be mysteriously promoted and demoted with no insight into what’s going on.”

  1. Who makes use of the platform and how. Before Musk offered to buy Twitter this month, he expressed concern about the platform’s relevance.

When an account published a list of the ten most followed Twitter accounts, consisting of former President Barack Obama and the pop stars Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, Musk answered and wrote: “Most of these ‘top’ accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. Is Twitter dying?”

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Let’s see what the future will bring, but I am certain of one thing and that is, the automation will prevail despite his harsh words against “bots”.


@Jaha i doubt that in this case.
If the richest and smartest man on The planet. Decides to develop an anti system to prevent automation bots and spam bots. Most likely using machine learning and AI detection, which improves itself without anyones intervention.

Then that Will leave a serious posibility to shut down all bots, on all Platforms. As Elon musk states that he want to make the code for this system open source. Which literally mean that any Platform, can pretty much copy and paste the anti bot system into their own social media system.

We Will see, interesting future ahead.

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i don’t feel good when elon bought twitter look stocks of twitter are falling down

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Actually I think the same Elon can use his Twitter handle to manipulate stock market as well as crypto market… and we saw the same thing in the past …

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Yeah, a lot of crypto users are in Twitter…

about the top users rarely using Twitter these days, I think it’s because they’re also not that active right now in their specific careers? Those who are still active though with their craft are still posting but they may not be amongst the top users…

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Let’s see, I hope you’re wrong. :slight_smile:

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