Make $$ using your social accounts working with big brands

Hello all MP user’s and admin today i wanted to show you a new way to monetize your social media accounts as i get daily question on my group for people asking how i can monetize my cat page … how to monetize a car page …
Other people just put their email on their bio once they reached an x number of followers and wait till someone contact them once in a month to sell a shoutouts for 15$ or 20$
Instead of doing that why you don’t contact some big brand that searching for shoutouts and offer your service? i will show you a method to get them all in one place and you don’t then need to search on the big Google.
But before that i want to motivate you and give you some fact.
a Friend of mine doing this for a 3 month he have 3 Instagram pages 200k-300k 2 in the fashion niche and one in the gaming niche he has also a Youtube channel with 8500 subscriber he sell in his IG page a 150$ shoutouts and he sell in average 3 shoutouts a week this is in one account and you can do the math for others .
The main key here to be accepted by those brands is to write a good letter that look professional and if your English is not very good like me it’s ok to invest 10$ for someone to wright it for you.
Let me show you some examples of brands that asking for shoutouts

This method work on all platform: Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,YouTube,Tumblr
now all i need to do is filter those post to find what will work for you
you can filter by social account or niche or the price

You can start with contacting 10 brand every day while you growing your social accounts with mass planner.
That’s all for today and good luck for every one.
Register here ==>
If you need anything you can comment here happy to help from 8am-11pm Monday-Saturday via Email/Skype/Teamv
I’m in for the Giveaway


thanks for sharing this valuable way of monetizing.

I have an account at Famebit and last time I checked, Instagram was not on the list. Thanks

And we have our first post for the giveaway, thanks for entering and good luck.

Also nice share, didn’t know about it, I am sure it will help people struggling to monetize their accounts.

great way to monetize your niche :slight_smile:

I want to check that plattform but, i can’t see instagram as in screenshot :confused: something strange…

Lately they don’t accept adding new Instagram profile only if you have already an account attached
but you have 2 option
Relate other social media account and when you send the request to the brand you can mention that you have Insagram account @username
Or search for the brand and contact them directly outside

You are welcome happy that you liked

Right but we can go around it

Yeeee :smiley: now i get it
Thanks mate

It’s a shame that I dont have more than 5,000 at any platform other than IG
Can’t join for now

I’ve made a bit of money in the past from famebit. There’s plenty of brands on their and quite a few are throwing some serious money to influencers.


Famebit baby!

I’d like to disclose that you have to have a FB page with 5000+ likes in order to even be able to even start using Famebit as a source of finding influencers.