Make your auto-DMs even more human-like. Try this tip

In addition to using the spin text in your mass DMs to your followers, you can make your DMs seem even more real by mis-spelling words on purpose. Then correct yourself in the next DM…

1st DM
i.e. “Thanks for the follow! Be sire to check our website for our great holiday offers!”

immediately send this follow-up
"{Oh I’m sorry… |Oops |Sorry, typing too fast |I mean |Sorry |My bad |I meant} ‘Sure’. Take care. - Daniel"


How would you get that to work? That is, how to you get the first DM and second DM to match regarding the mis-spelled word? You can’t control the spinning of the text in the two messages to ensure that they match.

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Interesting approach, and a good way to send multiple messages without appearing pushy :sunglasses:

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Great question…You wouldn’t spin the miss-spelled word of course… (it’d be great if you could, then save it for use in the next DM… maybe this could be a feature request in upcoming versions?), but you can put so much spin-text around it in the first DM that it should have little consequence depending on your speed and volume of auto-messaging.

Great way not to look spammy, all the while remaindering them effectively of your offer

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Thanks for this tip. I have done something similar to this to collect emails.

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what was your twist?

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I misspell the coupon code and then ask them to email me so that I can send them the correct one that our system has.


That was Clever. How many responded?

haha, really good twist :smiley: thanks for sharing!