Make your own mobile proxies

Hi guys I know most people want to have quality proxies. This is how to do it. I suggest to team up with someone that understands how to do this setup. Even if this is a step by step tutorial it’s not easy if you don’t have knowledge in working with Linux.

Here it is:

I’m not associated with them or speak Russian. Use google translate and best of luck.


Nice idea, but how the hell you translate text on the images…A bit useless this way :slightly_smiling_face:


@soldjaboy: thanks for the guide. For most of us it will difficult, but anyway, we have here some Russian-speaking people, they will like it for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

@all: Have sent the owner of the website a message, lets see if and what he is answering.

Maybe he is willing to translate the page for a fee (then we can do a little “fundraising” :wink: )


@SkinnyGirl thanks for sending him an email. Hopefully he will make an English version of this.
I went to a friend that knows linux to make the setup, because I can’t waist more time than I already did trying to make this work.


Ahhmmm… he already replied, but it seems to be not-good-news:

So we have a problem here with the language… :neutral_face:

Will try to ask him again, but if he doesnt speak English and I no Russian, well… then no chance…


Too bad than.
I think that even if someone is a native Russian speaker it will be difficult to follow all the steps.It will be easy for a native Linux speaker. He has some mistakes down the line and sometimes you don’t get the same outcome because of hardware differences, etc

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Boris only speaks russian, he understand some english but yeah…
Although he is not using this setup at the moment, because well… it’s just stupid )

And he does sell mobile proxies (private channels only aka you rent the modem)
You can find it here -
and it’s 1.5$~ per day. :slight_smile:


Seem that he sold out

So it seems that our friend Boris will help you set up the proxies for 5000 rubles or so.

Hey @mindeswx why do you think it’s stupid?

Does those proxies last? And what is the pool you can choose from?

hello! i am a native Russian speaker. i can easily perform a translation of the above mentioned page for a valuable consideration. let me know if interested

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Thanks @Andrei for your consideration. I want to mention a couple of things

When I first started following the instructions (using Chrome Auto Translate) I didn’t find any problem understanding what is being said. I had problems with CentOS not recognizing my Dongle. I had problems with the fact that certain commands in the tutorial didn’t work or had a different outcome.

If you could translate and adjust/fix the mistakes in the tutorial it’s preferable. A translation of this by someone with no knowledge in Linux is not suffice to make this work.

Let us know if you have any knowledge in Linux to make this work


this might help buddy.


Download the image,
Open in microsoft One Note
Right click it and click copy text.
This will copy the images text to your clipboard, then paste it into google translate.


That setup look savage af! :fire:

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Thank u for the Knowledge

Great job.thx.


Damn you realy working on your post count, all new replies today and yesterday were from you.


It’s a bit late and looks like it was bumped as an attempt to level up, but if anyone ever needs to know: to translate text in images, the quickest way I’ve found is to use Google Translate on your phone using the camera. I end up doing this a lot for certain reasons.

This is good information, though I think a lot of people here have had this figured out for awhile. The funny thing is, it looks like this site is showing how to run the data through a virtualbox install on Windows, which works, but it seems like a power waste when you can use an RPi.


For a better translation try using Yandex translate on phone. Install the application and take picture of Russian text, it will translate it better than google one.

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