🤑👑🤑 Make Your User Card Beautiful & Win 1 Month of Mass Planner Free!


UPDATE: Contest discontinued due to massplanner being closed.

I think it’s time to make the forum look a little better. As you can see, there’s a lot of focus on users and discussions around here and a small icon is shown for each user that interacts with each topic.

There’s also something called a user card that shows up each time someone clicks on one of those small user icons.

Let’s make the forum look better by having a lot of beautiful user cards all over. We’ll do this as a contest, here are the details:

###What you can win:

  • a free 1 month license of Mass Planner, I’ll just add 30 days no matter if you’re on regular, ig edition or premium.
  • if we get more than 100 people entering this giveaway, there will be 3 lucky winners, anything under 100 people - 1 winner.

###How to enter:

  • make your user card look nice. Add all the details you can add to it: a nice profile picture, profile background, user card background, a title if you have any, fill in the about me section, location, website(if you have any), user card badge (if you have any).
  • after you did all the above and if you’re happy with how it turned out post in this topic with something along the lines of " My user card is ready to go" ( feel free to improvise the text if you want)

###How we’ll pick the one that gets the grand prize:

  • each post someone makes in a topic has a number associated with it. I’ll use random.org to generate a number between 1 and the number of posts in this topic and whatever random.org says that’s the lucky winner.

###End date ( updated for round 3 ):

  • you can enter to win starting today 22.4.2017 up to 1.6.2017 GMT 24:00

###Rules to participate ( updated for round 3 ):

  • only members that did not participate in the first two rounds can enter.
  • moderators/admins can participate but cannot win
  • since everybody should have the same chances of winning only your first post here( in case you post multiple times) will be taken into account
  • no obscene, violent, illegal or crazy stuff in your details please or it will not be taken into consideration

###Good luck to everybody !



Let me also start this off, my user card is definitely ready to go :wink:


Done - hopefully it looks good :slight_smile:


I guess mine is set too.
‘Mass Planner Headquarters’ wouldn’t do it @Johnny, be specific :smile:
Or I will choose ‘home’ or ‘earth’ as my location


Done, it looks much more better now :slight_smile:



##Im in it to win it this time!

…Is a picture of a Marijuana leaf ok? Hahaha


Maybe I Am In Too. :slight_smile:

pS: My user card is ready to go!


I hope ugly is ok though. :slight_smile:



No way to compete with @BrandonBerner’s card :clap:


Bahahah! Hit that refresh button I just added more :smiley:


I think it’s ok :relieved:


How do I get the massplanner user title added too?


You didn’t just won the giveaway, you’re hired! :smiley:


Haha, When do I start!? :stuck_out_tongue:


@instagramfamousfam I CAN HELP!



You just want to find out where the secret headquarters of MP is, admit it :smiley:

of course, that just means you’re super lucky, right?

you forgot the user card background :slight_smile: it’s just white, almost there though.

@ all I can already see the forum looking much better, keep it up :smiley:


Yeah, I guess :smiley:
I was planning to open a ‘MP Team Speculations’ topic, but decided not to
I have some ideas though as to where you guys are located though


Done with mine. Good luck guys


Oh ho ho ho … you asked for it.