Making account private

I’ve seen a few accounts in the wild that are private.

Can the experienced members explain what are the pros and cons of doing that?

Would my posts be visible to everyone if I were to use hashtags in my postings when account is private?

Thanks in advance.

I maybe mistaken, but if your account is private, your posts will not be visible to non-followers

A related question…

If I’m at the stage of warming my aged accounts
And i didn’t care about if I’m gaining any followers

Will it help if i make my accounts private? Would that make my accounts less spammy looking to IG?

@PortraitPhotography Yes, you might look less spammy as non followers can’t see your posts and the reporting rate will be way less than if the account was public.

I guess then being private and posting with hashtags would be counter productive.

Happy to hear from others their thoughts. Thanks

no, your posts are private so no hastags will be visible. Usually those with private accounts have a reason to do so, some niches like weed, maybe adult stuff. But if you’re looking to grow your account fast making it private is not a good idea.

The only “advantage” to setting your account to private is that you might look more “exclusive”. You’ve got 20,000 people following you & someone might be more inclined to follow you just out of curiosity.

One old trick that some have used to their advantage is to add something like “Going private next week” to their bio.

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thanks for the inputs . got it!