Making accounts for interacting with main

Ive been thinking about ways of increasing reach. What if I make about 50 accounts which will be following my main and like/save/share my posts from feed, after few minutes after I post them. They’ll be doing this not from link or from profile like in engagement groups, but directly from home feed, so it will look like interaction and in theory will push my post to more followers. So how do you think will it increase reach? Maybe you tried this before?

yes, of course it will help, it’s a well-known method, but it will be a little bit expensive because you will need different numbers, emails, proxies, and good content on the accounts so that they look real. You can automate those accounts and engage with your main account using a software like Jarvee.

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I have few devices with app cloner and few mobile 4G sim cards so Ive been thinking about managing them manually for avoiding blocks, like I do with another 7 slaves, is it necessary to have good content and etc on them? Does Instagram detect such accounts as bots and don’t count it as engagement even if they are not automated? I just have zero experience in this… and at the same time good amount of my followers are this kinds of accounts which have few or no posts and here just for stalking and liking favourite accounts :thinking:

Unless those slaves have real followers it’s the same as buying likes

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Thank you very much for answering! Will it be fine if they’ll have a few real followers from F/UF and some posts?
And how much slaves its better run from one device? (Im using appcloner which change device data on every clone)
How much slaves can be located in one network connection? (Accs will be manually created and manually managed)

how to make 50 accounts can you point me in the right direction?

Using different emails, but I don’t know if its possible with such big amount, because Im newbie. I used this tactic with my manual slaves and it worked good, I used different emails like gmail, yahoo, yandex and created accounts manually on my phone, and you can attach few accs to one email, I have them for 3 month and they are still alive

Create them with some automation software like Jarvee that has got a tool for creating IG accounts in bulk.

Try to get another phone at it will make the actions less evasive for insta. When they are aged a year or so then go to one phone. Create accounts every few months not all at one time. They will be better and less likely to get flagged

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help! So if these accounts will be made consistently on another phone and have real followers they’ll count as real and help to boost engagement?
And another question is it dangerous to login in these accounts on a phone which has logged in main account after they’ll get older and more trusted? (But not in the same app, just in clone with different device info)

Each is different but insta will know it’s yours. You might have problems. I don’t know because that’s not how I do it.

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Does that mean services selling followers that interact with your account are no better than smm panels selling likes?

From looking at their sample follower accounts they all have personal looking photos from 2019 but looking at their followers I see it’s a mix of other bots from the service and maybe a few real accounts. Follower/following ratio looks good though.

Appreciate your input on this!

They are one and the same. Just different providers. Unless the liking accounts have real followers it’s practically worthless today in insta


Is it important how much real followers they have? Or 10-100 will be enough?

As anything the more the better.

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Yes, it’s working and working really well. I’ve tried with around 800 accounts and got them blocked right away in a week.
The main mistake was - those accounts followed only me and liked only my photos

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Thank you for answering! Did your reach increase? And did you try again when found out mistakes?

Yes, sure. When I fixed the mistake all worked fine again

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Thank you again! How do you think will it work with smaller amount of accounts or its not worth trying? Because Im planning to manage them manually and only with few devices so can’t create so many

In my opinion, it will work for sure.
Any number of accounts that interact with your content is always good since it increases your engagement. Just don’t forget to make all the accounts different and randomize their actions