Making Accounts Private Pros & Cons

I was wondering what are the pros and cons to make ig accounts private.

Do you make your accs private ? if so why ?

or do you say public is the way to go ?

Its only for personal users bud. If you look to have any real following keep it public. None of your posts, even if they include hashtags, will not be visible in hashtag groups unless they are following you. There is no real benefit.
(in other words)NEVER make them private

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Yes, correct. How the hell someone should know why exactly they want to follow you if they can’t see your content…

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I had try between public and private. Public do much better as the followers increase more and my hashtag go top posts.


There are certain niches that many accounts go private for, and thats to share content that would be reported by the general public if they saw it. The marijuana industry comes to mind. There are MANY private marijuana retailer accounts with thousands of followers that are private only.

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As a guy in the cannabis industry looking to grab this niche by the sack, IMO this is so stupid to do lol. I’d understand if it’s strictly B2B I guess but still doesn’t seem beneficial.

It’s not B2B, it’s a way to share photos of products that the general public might report. Personally, I would have one public, one private, and see what happens.

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Can MP target the followers of Private accounts? If;

  1. You are not yet an approved follower?
  2. Once you are an approved follower?
  1. no, of course, no one can see their followers
  2. yes, once you have access you can see the followers
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During warming stage, will it be a good idea to make your newly added accounts in MP private? Would this make them less spammy?

Then, switching it back to non private after the accounts are well warmed?

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Never tested this so I can’t say, but it’s an interesting idea, might be good to test it.

Thanks Johnny!