Making images safe to post on Instagram

Hello guys,

I have heard that photos downloaded from someone else profile on Instagram are unsafe to upload. Is this true? If so, what is the easy and fast way to make them safe again (relatively)?


There’s a Post Unique Images extra module in Mass Planner that you can use to make images unique. MP will make small changes on image so it looks like it’s unique for social network, but for users it will still look the same.

If you’re on Premium or Instagram plan, you already have this module, just create the campaign and go to Overview tab > Advanced settings and check “Make images unique” box. You can leave it on Medium.

If you’re on Standard plan, you can buy the module, it costs $15.


Adnan thank you for quick replay.

I will upgrade to Instagram plan but not yet. So for now what would be the manual solution? If I make little dot in the corner of the photo is it going to be enough?


Save the full size image by right clicking on the post’s page, go to View Source then search “jpg” (ctrl + f), the first match should be a line that has og:image in it. The link that follows is the full size image link. Open it in your browser and save it.

Open it in a photo editor, resize it at the very least and apply a filter/etc if you have that available. Rename the image, save it as a different format (png for example). That’ll sort you.


Thank you mrpurplz

I’ll apply this process.