Making Money With Giveaways

So you’ve read the forums and you’ve used MPSocial to amass a lot of followers on your accounts. What next? How can you make money without spamming or misleading your users?

Full disclosure: I work for AdGate Media. We have many publishers who make money with Instagram and Facebook traffic.

Step1. Offer value.
The first step is to offer something of value to your users. This depends on your niche. You can do a prize giveaway (amazon gift card, shoes, ps4, etc.). While you can also provide value without spending any money, this post will focus on prize giveaways.

Step 2. Estimating participation.
If you are giving away a prize, you must estimate how many of your users will choose to participate in the giveaway. A very conservative metric is to use 10% of your average post engagement. So if your posts normally get 2,000 likes, you can expect 200 people to participate in the giveaway. This method will generate at least $.75 per user who participates (assuming followers are in the US). In this case, you can offer a prize with a value of up to $150.

Step 3. Adding virality.
In order to really make your giveaway get noticed, you will want to expand beyond just your Instagram followers. Create a landing page for your contest and ask visitors to share on Facebook or Twitter before continuing. There are a number of plugins for wordpress that allow you to do this. You can also use a service such as This step is the key between making a couple hundred dollars vs a couple of thousand.

Step 4. $$$$
This is where you monetize. You can use a content locker, link locker or a mobile app wall (we provide all of them at AdGate Media). These tools allow you to restrict access to you contest entry. Let the user know that they need to complete an offer or download an app in order to enter the giveaway.

Step 5. Collect Email
Create a simple form to collect emails. You can do this with Aweber or any of their 1000 competitors. These emails will be used to alert the winner that they won. You may also use this list to re-market to your contestants (make sure you get permission first!)

Step 6. Choose a winner
Choose a winner, send them the prize, and make sure to announce the IG username of the winner publicly so that you build trust with your followers. This will make them more likely to engage in your future contest.

Let me know if you find this information useful. If you do, I hope to share some other methods as well.

If you’d like to try this method with our network you can register here:


Simple but sound description, Dan. Thanks. I wonder what they sell on Amazon for $5 including shipping in the field of weed products. Cuz that’s about as much as I would get right now, if we go by your metrics. :smiley:
But I’ll definitely try this out in a few months when I’ve got more followers and higher engagement. People love free stuff.
Have a good day (just started watching The Office, hope your everyday work life isn’t too much like that)!

EDIT: Has anyone else had success with giveaways? We’ve got a few going here right now, so yeah, they’re probably effective. I’ve never participated in any, though. The gloomy pessimist in me (who doesn’t want to give out his info or email for anything)

Nice post and yes this could work.

The good thing here is, it’s almost completely whitehat in my opinion (except if you’re spamming IG with comments and messages :slight_smile: ) - I mean the giveaway is real, one of the users will win the prize.

Personally, I like the method, be kind and share some more with us.

Hi! looks like my traffic will do great with what you offer. I just signed up on your platform under the email (will DM soon).
Hope to get reviewed asap :smiley:

Nevwr tried giveaway, i will givebit a try :slight_smile:

@witiong70 please refrain from reviving multiple year old threads. You can easily direct message the OP if you have any questions or feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, Id be very interested in joining international giveaways to grow followers. I tried this with Brazil and grew by 40,000 followers last month but I need to find more giveway groups.

I’d be glad to pay someone who manages and who can find giveaways for me, especially Colombia, Philippinnes, Thailand and for mainly girls.