Making own 4G Proxies?

Hey guys, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I recently purchased the hardware from a certain company to create my own 4G Proxies.
But I’ll need my own Sim-Cards for that.

Now is the question, how much GB Data should each Sim-Card have at least, what do you think?
The purpose is IG Automation

Thank you guys!


I’m not sure, my answer will help you, but obviously all depends on your tasks and data usage.
Just test it

It depends on how many actions you’re going to preform. The more actions, the more usage you will need

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I have 40GB full speed, then unlimited at lower speed and go through the 40gb usually within 2-3 weeks.

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Yes, it’s totally depends upon your task and data usage.

between 20GB and 40GB and that of course depend on your actions and what are you doing extaclty.

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For 5 accounts 60GB +

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which country are you in? In some countries, it can be expensive
I sell my own 4G proxies and here in India data is budget-friendly compared to the US and UK. so is the cost of proxies.
On avg, my proxies use 4-5GB+ per day.

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In my country I can find 4G plan with 4GB included, but with unlimited data for instagram, facebook & whatsapp

I was wondering if it only worked when browsing instagram from your phone, or also when you transformed your SIM into a 4G proxy and accessed instagram from a pc/jarvee ? Someone knows ?

when they give you unlimited data for FB, IG and watsup it’s always limited even tho they say it’s unlimited, so i don’t think it will work the same

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I have tried it in my country and have went over 60GB a month and it wasnt limited

As the other members said, that’s depend on the actions that will be performed by the accounts.

Its not true at all. I go over 230GB monthly per modem and I’m surfing at full speed of 4G connection w/o any limits.

cool i see, maybe this type of scam is only here in my country and for some operators because here they say you have unlimited stuff then when using IG FB connection is extremly low and bad

They don’t lie.

The thing is: they give you unlimited data but after you consume X GB (which are included in your plan) your download and upload speed will decrease around 124Kbps or so from the full speed of 4G connection. If they didn’t said “unlimited” after the included GBs from your plan are consumed you couldn’t reach any website anymore.

It’s everywhere if you don’t pay attention at what is wrote in the contract.

This is the catch :slight_smile:

Depending on the tasks you’re performing but 100+ GB bandwidth per month should be enough.

This is something you should try. It can be expensive for you if your carrier dont provide 100Gb+ per month.
May be try their 3 months plan/data addons

I’ve found a provider with unlimited data plans, however their pricing is based on the Speed of the connection, instead of GB.

So I have to choose between 2 Mbit/s, 10 Mbit/s or 225 Mbit/s. What min. Speed will I need for a good working proxy?

this is exactly it, agreed, that what’s happens, at one point everything start to get slower but you can still access those platforms, so i guess it’s not only here :grin:

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