Making the forum private?


Personally, I don’t think it matters… let’s say you have to have an MP license and 2 e-mails to support to be verified. Now, Sisa, or whoever it is that bans everyone on Mondays, lets say that kid that spams everyone gets banned and he gets her. He’s not smart enough to say he doesn’t use automation software and he says, “But but calm bro, @BrandonBerner told me my settings are OK”, and he spills the beans.

She gets curious, spends $20 of IG’s money on MP, she gets in the forum. Now what? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had quite a few people in the forum. No matter what, sooner or later they will find out about MP and MP social, and they will learn everything. It’s only a matter of time.

I say keep the high level stuff in level 3 with the free money button, and leave it how it is.

Here’s the deal, there are many different types of software/services, that do the same thing. How many hundreds of thousands use automation or have used automation? They aren’t dumb. They have access to some of the best facial recognition software in the world. They have literally thousands of top level programmers, network guys, etc… They could reverse engineer MP in a day.

My take is that they won’t. I bet they are even OK with mild automation IE, our safe settings. Maybe why Sisa likes to ban people is because she’s hella tired of having to look through 4,000 e-,mails and 20 of them are sir spam a lot.

I don’t blame her/them. It’s a cat and mouse game! I say we use @Fonzie’s technique of humanizing our accounts, and keep doing what we do.



In the whole scheme of things we are small potatoes.

There is so much other shit IG and the like are dealing with that unless it is an action that is a type of revenue disruptor or a serious threat to the bottom line, they aren’t going to waste any time seriously poking around our little corner of the universe.

There are forums out in the wilds of the internetz that have shit 10 times ‘worse’ than what is done with our automation. Things that are openly talked about where people straight up get their accounts taken under their noses and where 0-day IG exploits are discussed ( and no I don’t have any so don’t ask :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) in places as open as this.

Besides anything behind any wall we have here can be copy-pasted (See the Great Barry Barner incident of '17 :wink:) or ebooked by anyone who rises through the ranks. You really can’t keep out the douchebags. All you can do is come to recognize who is ‘cool and legit’ (of which there are many here) and, over time, network with them. Learn from them. Learn yourself and…pass it on.

They know. They know what’s up. They know what isn’t human action. They let us do what we do because we blend in. Because the actions we take are overlapped by MILLIONS of legit users. Because we’re such a small percentage in the over HALF A BILLION users.

My cousin will be on IG all day long. She’ll like and friend and post a dozen pictures. She’ll sit there and go on a tear where she’ll just say “Follow, Follow, Follow, Like, Like, Like” for hours. Then after dinner, during the food-coma, she’ll lay on the couch and say “Bye, Bye, Bye, See ya, Nope” and unfollow like a madman for an hour or whatever. God knows how many times throughout the day she does that. Until she goes to sleep and repeats the cycle.

So if we’re doing (and discussing) actions that blend in with the data they have on the behavior of a 16 year old girl (which makes up a TON of their demo)…do you think they’d risk taking action using filters like that? No.

So our discussions of “How many followers?”, “What’s your settings?”, “Where do you get pictures?”, Hashtags, Engagement groups, etc…are going to get as much attention as an ant to an ogre.

Other stuff “outside the norm” a’la proxies etc. Are something that have been around forever and with very valid uses. That is an example of something that they can zero in on and refine over time with the ban-hammer.

But a lot of it is obvious things, if you think about it: Data-center IP vs Residential IP -> how many accounts per IP?, Are there any location issues with logins with IPs? Has this IP done messed up shit before? etc… Same with phone numbers, emails and bio URLs. They’re going to take action on because that is easier to separate from the usage of the ‘Normies’ on IG.

What I’m saying here is that There is nothing groundbreaking or inherently unique about what were discussing here that would cause the Eye of the IG dragon to gaze upon our little Hobbit-hole.

I mean look at the ridiculousness of the getting your account back process is with the ID process. Just send in the same picture for a dozen accounts with a different number.

They know this stuff so, IMHO, I wouldn’t get my panties in a bunch about it. But that’s just me and I like to :beers: so what do I know? :wink:


EDIT: All of that being said @dddd brings up some good points below.

My thought process was along the lines of deep dark secrets being seen by IG.

But if there was some type of qualifier, like 3-5 posts + introduction, in a restricted area of the forum for new signees and newbies before they have full access, I’d be all aboard with that.

After all I think we all want people to learn and contribute but I am in full agreement that the, whining for spoon-feeding, non-initiative in using the friggin search bar for questions, harrasing PM’s by non-massplanner purchasers/owners, is getting aggravating.

So view my vote for ‘public’ in that kind of light.


@Fonzie Aaayyyyyy… :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

This times a million.

Before finding MP, I had developed my own method and strategy, and 99% of it probably looked worse then that spammer kid on a meth bender.

I got sick of typing comments so I copy pastad comments…guess what? Temp ban! Used a few apps to unfollow hundreds Per day, guess what? TEMP BAN! Followed too many people and liked too many posts. you guessed it. TEMP BAN. Hell, I had a few accounts banned because I went from Peru to Colombia! (got them all back)

The reality is, I’ve had BETTER luck using MP than doing it manually because it’s controlled! I no longer had to sit there and count to 60 repeatedly (thank baby jesus). So yeah, there are worse forums out there. Just try to keep your settings under 2,000 follows a day, don’t spam with DM’s etc. The only way you can get yourself banned truly is to publicly post your accounts names in conjuction with automation software.

I say we all stop worrying about it and think of new methods to beat them at their own game!


For what matters, i would like it to be private, because i paid for the sub. Sorry folks who didn’t pay for the software, i’m just being honest about being selfish.

Apart from what might be IG having “spies”, i can’t agree neither disagree. There are people who will still leak out info and it’s not always tracable.

I voted private, because i’ve been seeing an increasing number of people who are not subs, paid for the trial, and whine about their life, expecting MP to send them gold using amazon’s drone.

For the people who didn’t pay for the software not even the trial, it’s also equally hard to convert them to long term subs. They have no money, and don’t know how to find money, yet didn’t want to do the hard labor when being told to.

Problems? It will still exist. There are also people who actually bought the software, and expect everyone to be their servant and answer their 101 questions without breaking a sweat. Fail to answer? Get attacked out of nowhere.

For such people, if you made it private, they will demand something even a God cannot give.

Reference 1

Reference 2


@dddd This is the best argument for making the forum private. I think to be level 2 and up you should have to have at least a 1 month sub.

There is a “free money button” in level 3… :joy:


Keep the level 1 users open to public, and level 2 and up have to be verified users…

I wouldn’t mind not seeing all the free trial and non MP users posts and questions (same questions over and over again). That way we can filter out the junk and help other users of the software. It is a community, I would like to keep it that way. Plus, that way everyone just here to sell junk accounts won’t be in my MP feed anymore…


Very good points d.


This right here is the ULTIMATE reason why we should have level 1 public and level 2 private…


Could not agree more!


To be honest I completely agree to the above, not just what I quoted but everything they said.

This is how I see it( yes, most was already said):

  • this is not earth shattering information, everybody does it , follow/unfollow/like and the likes. If they cared they could definitely stop all of it easily
  • this community isn’t that well known and even if it were the top in the world, there are many others, all talking about the same exact methods, take BHW for example, they’ve discussed it all, granted not a nicely as here :slight_smile:
  • believe it or not our community and users aren’t that bad, spamming with thousands of accounts like crazy, most have just a few accounts and are doing whitehat stuff. I don’t think all of us together make even a dent in their whole user database. There are other really bad bots and communities out there ( i mean spam wise), botnets doings stuff on hundreds of thousand of accounts that really can influence how their platform works, that’s what they are mostly concentrating on.
  • if they really wanted it they could get in even if it was private, I think they can afford $10 to get in :). Also they could probably get in any private thing with a little determination…

Now here’s how I envision this forum and why I wouldn’t want to make it private:

  • I didn’t create it as a MP support forum, we do that via email like you all know, I wanted it to be a social media discussion place. All social media and for everybody, regardless if they have or don’t have MP. We are still small, there are a lot of people out there that do social media. If we could get all to interact in one place great ideas can be born.
  • It’s true, there are a lot of beginners, but they will learn in the end and if they become contributors and share what they learned and their experiences you never know what we might find out as well, after all there isn’t 1 person that knows it all.
  • I am sure there are many people out there that could contribute to our talk here and that know how things work and could help a lot that are using other tools, private tools or even doing it manually or with the use of VAs. I really don’t see a reason why we should turn them away and only make this private and for MP users alone.
  • the level 2 section is true, it’s not that hard to reach if you stick around a little, but I think if someone sticks around enough to reach it, even if he’s a beginner and not very helpful at the time being he might have the drive to go through all the training and prove to be a valuable member going forward. Yes, some might never help with anything, just lurk, but I don’t see why we should spend too much time on those, it’s simply how it is everywhere.
  • the level 3 section on the other hand is a lot harder to get to, and unlike lvl2, if you’re not constantly engaging you can be demoted to lvl2 again and lose access. I think it should suffice for all extreme and super secret methods :slight_smile: . If we make it paid IG will have money for that, if you need to way 3 months to get in on the other hand they might not be that patient.

Ultimately, I think the more people we attract the higher chances of getting valuable members are. If you take a look in the introduction section you will see that we already have a lot of diverse people joining, from game creators, to designers, to electricians, musicians and a lot more. Each with his/her knowledge and talents that can chime in when needed.

And yes, this will help MP as well as we might get some more users too.

Oh, and before I forget, around 95% of the users here tried or are using MP, the forum is not that big so it doesn’t get that many outside signups, just a couple each day. Most don’t have the badge because they haven’t read that it’s there or don’t know how to use it…

Wow this was long, hope I was coherent enough :slight_smile:

tl/dr I don’t think Ig would care about us so I really don’t want to turn this into a private forum, I’d rather have a diversity of people that can share their knowledge and help each other.


I’d also like to address the issues raised by @MojoJojo so here it goes

Yes they are, but they are not new, they are talked about in other places as well, granted not with the same level of detail, but for Ig it’s the same, if they want to do something agains one of this tactics they can without knowing exactly how we do it.

If you say ok, but people will use them and abuse them in my experience it’s like this

  • 80% of the people that read them won’t use them, it happens with everything online, they buy books, they read new methods think they are interesting but never try them
  • 15% will try, fail fast for different reasons and give up
  • 5% will probably try and make them work and not necessarily abuse them, if they do, they’re a small fish in a extremely bug pond and others are probably doing the same thing without reading it here…

that information from your user cards is not accessible from outside, only to actual members, that’s how I set it up from the start :

the real spammers have private tools they use to do serious stuff, i really don’t think this is the case here, most they can do is they get their accounts closed if they spam too much.

for this one I wrote a lot in my above answer. I don’t want this to be only about MP users, anyone can share very good information regardless if they do it manually, with a private bot or with MP.


Thank you for taking the time to address all of these “concerns”. I personally don’t agree with some of the logic, but I respect the diversity of opinions.


I agree with making the forum private. Even if it helps our methods last that much more longer it would be beneficial


This is a great debate. Lots of good points from both sides. Thanks @Johnny for chiming in, and addressing many concerns. I have read through this entire topic and my thoughts have made a slight change.

  1. I now think that the level 1 section should remain public.

  2. I do think that level 2 should be harder to acheive since users can easily manipulate the system to reach level 2.

  3. Level 3 should be more difficult to acheive, and should have extra levels of verification.

  • When a user is eligible for level 3, the level 3 community should vote anonymously whether or not to approve that user. Since some level 3 users, may have received a PM or read something from the eligible user which raised a red flag of some kind.

  • User must have an active MP licence for X amount of months

  • And or some other measures.

You can simply choose not to respond to these users. You can check user badge to see if it says “Mass Planner User” if it does not, you can ignore them. I have started to give those without the badge less attention or at least a lower priority.


My one and only concern with not making certain strategies and methods private (limited to Level 2 or 3 which as Brandon suggests should probably have a higher bar at this point) is that they (IG employees, FB, etc) could then learn these techniques and severely impact any ability we have to utilize them.

For instance, changing follower limits per hour could be done regardless of what any automation does, so posting your settings isn’t some secret process, however posting publicly who you target, how often you target, why and when, along with the way you post your CPA links, how you mask them, is not smart to leave in the open.

Anything else seems pretty safe to discuss, in terms of MP settings, because ultimately a person could be doing them without automation, in theory maybe not in practice… I don’t have time to follow 800 people by finger.


My opinion ( you can judge, but I think some will understand )

If the forum is private then will then it will attract more attention over Mass Planner as being some tool at doing secret stuff that is magical besides other, and in some social media heads that can be a bad thing.

Private also means that other users that do not use MP will not join, and they can bring :

  • Other methods for social media that are done manual or with other tools
  • Contribution to the forum to keep it alive ( I don’t think you like a forum that has 1 post / hour )
  • Help to other members
  • Questions *

*Questions are very good because if they ask them you can help them.If you don’t know the answer you research it.Then its a win-win scenario.

Other point in the idea of putting the forum on private.

This forum is based on Mass Planner, and almost all the members use it so it does promotion.
If the forum is on private then we get to the point that was mentioned above, its a 50-50% that it will get the same sales and promotion overview.

This forum also supports the members, but it supports the Mass Planner team to keep it alive.

This is my own opinion, don’t trow rocks!


What will happen if the forum goes private ? The people who don’t use MP cannot read any thread in it ? And How can we stay in Private forum ? What is the requirements for that ? Can level 1 also be the part of The private forum ?


Think keeping lvl2 private is enough, it is not a cake walk to get to lvl2 just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


I Agree! :slight_smile:



This is a 2 year old thread… But yeah I think level 2 is enough to keep the best shares private.