Making the forum private?


Yes, you’re right! @JackGagger
But interesting to read a bit of MPSocial history :smile:


I understand what you try to say, and I agree that the info here has a huge value, but for some of us (including myself) if it wasn’t for google maybe we would have never found this great forum.


I joined today, i wouldn’t spend time registering and engaging with other if it was a private forum and there is no valuable information.
i guess there are already hidden threads which are accessible to level 2 members?


Yes, exactly. Here you can read something about the levels:


If you look at it this way, nothing in life is free. However, there’s a lot of valuable information here that is free. The catch is that in order to get this free stuff, you have to pay it forward by being an active member, contributing your own insights, and making the community better for those who come after you.

Just expecting information to be given to everybody all the time for nothing is not how things tend to work these days, in general, and if you do want everything dropped (ie. a masterclass, guru course, whatever you want to call it) you have to pay for it.

So really, you get all of that for free, and the cost is your own contribution and whatever value you bring, everybody has something to share, big or small.

Edit: Yeah, the privacy thing is to prevent people from signing up, copying and pasting all of our collective work on other forums and then never signing in again. It helps maintain quality, increase value, and prevents theft/piracy in a sense.


You are one of the leechers, aren’t you?