Managed to get a personal account disabled. How easy is it to get it back?

As the title states, I had a personal account banned by using it on a bot.

I needed to quickly scrape around 500-600 usernames from a private page that only my personal was following so I didn’t think it would make a huge deal. After all, my personal has been around since 2015.

After scraping I could use my account just fine, but after around 16 hours I got the “help us confirm it’s you to login” page, where it sent a code to my sign-up phone number (that I used back in 2015).

I contacted support via the “more help” screen, filled up my contact info, and on the “other” box I typed that I don’t have acess to the original phone number, just the original email + current number.

3 hours have passed and now it won’t even show the “help us confirm…” screen, just straight up banned. I try to appeal but it keeps on saying that there was an error.

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Does this really work? I am trying to get a client’s account back with 50k+ followers and several years old. We didn’t do much with the account other than a little bit of scraping (no F/UF). We have been appealing but to no avail.