Managing clients Instagram Growth services

I would like to ask if there is a tool/platform to have a website that is e-commerce enabled for clients to subscribe for our packages to increase their Instagram account and something for us to manage all the clients in one place and have them authorise and give us access to their Instagram accounts.

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You can use Shopify for that purpose

Do you mean a pre-made shop?

@monkeyking is your man!

Based on the question, you have a long way to go…100% doable however.

You need to be more specific…

Why do I have a long way to go? I’m asking if there is ready made solution for this requirement.

Are you asking for a pre-built website?

I’ve built a shopify website for the exact purpose. Will create you a duplicate template with all apps installed for $250.

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interested, can you show me sample work ?

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That’s a good deal, $250.

Take it, and run with it.

I would charge no less than $750


My website:

I’d make a skeleton of my own website.

I could add an affiliates section if you’d like so you can get affiliate partners.
There is also a manage subscriptions section for your subscribers (monthly clients) to update payment, address, all that jazz.

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How do you think it’s important to have a site?
How much can it affect the acquisition of new customers?
Thank you

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You might want to check out

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Hey! How big of a change did u see after using a site to acquire clients instead of closing them personally? Also I saw you talk about using actual mobile devices to access the accounts? Do you mind if I contact you in person with some questions? Thanks in advance for your time.

SherriffWoody that is Golden. I’ve never heard of them and am definitely going To get the trial and test them out. Could save a lot of time and increase my client retention too.

To be completely honest I didn’t see such a big change but that’s just because of other reasons. It’s all about traffic in the end of the the day. What is or are your core traffic sources. If you want test and spend thousands per month to try and build an automated machine then a website is a must. If you want to take it slower and grow more organically via cold emailing or DMs or whatever in the beginning until you have some 50-75 clients to pay For you’re paid ad test budget, that’s not a bad idea either. In that case, you don’t need a website but it will just help for social proof and trust. My first 10 clients were before I had a website.

Feel free to contact me. Will help as much as I can. I don’t have use mobile devices but Jarvee somewhat does.