Managing more than 10 Tiktok accounts

Hey guys, I currently have 2 Tiktok accounts and I want to scale it. Are there any of you managing more than 10 Tiktok accounts? I read that it is safest with 3 accounts per device. I thought about buying a smartphone but then I would need at least 4 smartphones and one for each device SIM card because it would not work with WiFi, I think because Tiktok remembers the IP address. has anyone had any experience? Thanks a lot.

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if you have 2 or more accounts on a phone and one account gets in trouble – the other accounts will get effected to. reduced views and shadows. hate to say it – best way one account one phone


yes i guess we need to use a powerful bot that can help manage multiple accounts.

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One with good proxies included is essential

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thank you for the answers … yes a bot wouldn’t be bad like jarvee …