Managing other people's accounts?

Today I’m having my first interviews with potential clients. I am offering them to run their accounts and promise high growth and engagement.

One thing bothers me: is it safe if both of us login at the same time? How do you handle this?

I also offer Facebook account management. Same question bothers me here…

Are you referring to using MP at the same time as them / you logging in? Or both of you using the app at the same time? Either one is probably not a great idea, to be safe, and especially because it’s for a paying client.

There are a few other topics on this - in relation to MP and mobile app use. Here’s one:

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None of them will use MP to log in, those people are wannabe artists, models, regular people eager to get some social media recognition.

But I will use MP and embedded browser to log in and perform actions, and some of them will also log in as they usually do. Some of them will post pictures, they just need me to follow/unfollow do hashtags research, etc.

Can we both log in, or do I tell them not to?

You can both log in yes, but it may still lock the account and ask for verification.

We manage Twitter and Insta for Celebs and with MP connected it does get flagged up quite often. Saying that, they are connected, and we are connected via MP and our mobile phones. It all depends on the account and the age and how much activity you both do and from the same country or from different ones.

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Thanks, it is more clear now. I will ask them to post pictures, and I will do follow/unfollow/like using proxy from their town (if I can get one)

For celebrity accounts, its easier for them to get verified. Even if its banned, they can get it back easier.

But if u and an average client login at the same time, IP will be different and you risk getting their accounts banned.

Banned clients are unhappy clients

Do you manage clients’ accounts? How do you handle this issue? Can you tell them not to log in to their accounts?

If clients want to engage personally, and your role is to make their accounts grow faster in size, perhaps its better you grow your own accounts in the same niche and use these accounts to direct traffic to their account.

What’s the advantage of this approach?

  1. you won’t risk losing your client main account
  2. your own accounts are more dispensable
  3. your legion of secondary accounts will grow to be your own assets, they belong to you, not your client

I am currently working on a solution for this :slight_smile:

If you are managing (fully managed) then the client shouldnt be doing anything other than logging in to see all the likes and comments, you should be the one doing all the work.

Set the account to do the majority of actions, “after hours”, that is, whenever they most likely won’t be logging in. Set MP to sleep or not execute during those hours. If you can’t get the client to not log in, this is the best way. Be sort of upfront with them if need be. You’ll be doing a lot of actions on the backend to grow their account, and them logging in jeopardizes your work. Tell them it might result in a PV. If they get temp banned, well, you warned them.

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Even logging in to check comments, without replying, is a possible red flag, especially if your IP address is different from your clients miles apart (for example, your IP shows you being in States and your client is in europe

It’s a red flag, but not as bad as posting and liking at the same time from 2 IP’s hundreds of miles apart. Sauce: did it all the time. Only time I PV’d was when I took my phone out of airplane mode, but it would do that without being on MP. It’s “best practice” to not log in, however as long as the IP’s are located within reason of one another, there’s little chance of a ban. Using comments that are spam like is a way easier way to get yourself flagged and banned IMO.