Managing your remote teams


Hello! :slight_smile:

There are some of us that needs a team to operate and run our businesses, whether it be local or remotely.

What do you use to manage them?
How do you track their work and time?
How do you send payments?

Looking forward to some insights! :slight_smile:


For my offline bizz i work with local goverments. I have some people working at their department, communicating with more teammembers at our location.

We use slack for that. When we started i really thought, wtf, how we are going to use that:) But now they cant work without it anymore!


Hey man, thanks for sharing! I’m assuming they all work from an office, and Slack is definitely great for communicating!

Any experience working with someone remotely (overseas, work-from-home, etc.)?


They can work wherever they want! If they have internet,you can use slack. There are 1500 apps to integrate, chck

Some teammembers are working from home or in some co working space. I dont make them work 8 hours at an office. I dont care where they work, just make 8 hours.


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Hubstaff to track hours and slack and Skype for communication on and teamdesk for tasks