Manual booting - where are all phones located?

I want to understand where manual follow/unfollwo companies locate their phones ?
are they all in the same place ?
Do you close any permission for camera or microphone/gps ?

Just use a normal 4G connection and go from there. :sunglasses:

so you share your gps location with properly same phone all doing tons of actions and location is shared so they placed in same location… no issues ?

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Lol if you buy your proxies from a popular provider you will have 5-10k accounts with the exact same location :smile: maybe even more

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location is not ip based it is gps when manuall botting.

If you worry about that just turn off GPS.
I don’t think IG takes this data and compares if certain areas are very crowded.
Would make no sense and would give way too many errors.
Just imagine all users that visit the super bowl and post about the half time show getting banned :wink:

sometimes I turn off GPS on my regular phone to save battery.

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Avoiding of having GPS / Camera … is been like a J bot.

I’d like to learn a lot more about the manual people here. Wondering if that works.

Yeah I have has no issues personally.

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