Manual F/UF & Likes Services

Have a few big corporate clients (car dealerships, shopping centers) who want to do some F/UF and Likes growth, but don’t want to do automation. Has anybody used Human services for Instagram growth? Looking for 100 to 200 follows and 100 to 300 likes per day, per account with agency discounts.

I remember seeing one a couple years ago, but I can’t remember the name.

Recommendations and experiences appreciated. Thank you.

What’s your budget?

Max $300 per month.

Willing to pay less/more for lower/higher than those numbers of actions though.

I can do that for you no problem. PM has been sent.

100 to 200 followers or followings?

100 to 200 followers per day would be incredible, but no I meant follow 100 to 200 people per day with the account.

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i can definitely get that going for you as well if interested

Ampfluence is stating they’re doing it manually, but I haven’t tried them myself. Was it the service you saw years ago?

Yeah that site is looking familiar…that might have been it.

You should look for a VA and teach them.

I’ve tried that numerous times since 2015 from all the VA sites.

The good ones don’t last long and there’s shitty ones everywhere.

I do this locally, and can do this for you aswell if you like.

sure i can help you with that