Manual F/UF: strategies for avoiding following the same users

It seems one of the biggest potential issues with manual f/uf is how to avoid following the same people, as there is not a convenient way to sort users in the manner that automation allowed.

One strategy I have used, is to stick with following all the followers of one account, then unfollowing them all and then switching to a different source account. There could be some overlap but generally this helps solve the problem.

Do other people have strategies they are employing to address this issue?


The best way to do this is using an excel sheet. Listing all the scraped followers or the manually picked ones there and marking the already unfollowed users different than the user that aren’t unfollowed yet.

This is 100% exact.

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Maybe to try scrapping all followers of some account to Excel sheet and then go one by one and once you’ve followed him, delete him from the sheet. You can use some automation software for scrapping.

If you’re following sources from their most recent followers you will not face this issue, as if they
gain followers by more than 100-200 a day, you have fresh users to follow each day.

Speaking from experience, if you take a scraped list of URL users and 1 by 1 go in and follow you’ll end up with blocks in no time. Try it. That’s actually one of the reasons why contextual actions are working so well right now (correct me if I’m wrong JV users), but it’s because the bot isn’t visiting tons of profiles and individually following links or searching profiles to then follow.

Manual follow/unfollow is a whole different ball game, and making sure you know Instagram’s limits are ten times more important, unless you already have that figured out. Not just talking about the 200/day, you need to setup your own intervals because unlike Jarvee, you can’t just whip out your phone every half an hour to do 10-20 follows.


@LaurenceM I agree with you in some point. On the other side when I followed from Excel Sheet I didn’t faced blocks with following around 40-50 users in 1 run.

When following from the recent followers how do you avoid unfollowing users the client followed by himself or herself? Are you using a whitelist? Updating this whitelist is also taking time, so for me that’s a pro of excel sheet as you know exactly who you and your client followed.

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@roy sorry for taking so long to get back to you. If you look in the ‘following’ tab on the latest version of Instagram you’ll see this feature:

As it says in the photo, you can sort by who you’ve followed latest (the last people you have followed), and usually I tell clients to not follow people, or if they do, keep it at a minimum, throughout the service, and seeing as the important people to them have been followed prior to my service it doesn’t usually clash.

Let me know if that makes sense.