Manual following actions test

hii friends
after all this block shit that happened little
i try to do some manual follow tests from IG application
and i get some shocks things
i start to do alots of fast following action to see when i get the action block
and i do about 3000 following action in 30 minutes and i didn’t get no block :scream:
but something else happened
its only follow about 300 people’s but no block
i waited about 2 hours and i do it again
fast following action and its follow 300 more no problem
so my conclusion is …
the automation software is the problem and they need to fix something on the api
jarvee send an email before some days that say they are working on a new update the do some scrolling and mouse (finger) movements
i hope this update releases soon
because i think after the test that i do that this is the problem
this is what shows to IG that we are not human!


that account you tested , was it on JARVEE before ?
beceause i tried to so some manual actions and i still got blocked .


yes this is 2 of my testing accounts and i running them long time on jarvee

one accounts get the CM before 3 weeks but don’t get block
the second account if gast finish the 7 days for all actions block


I just did a test with an old account, never put on JV and never bottled , I do minimum 1200 like manually with 4G proxy in 2 hours and still not blocked, I do not understand any more of these limits !!!

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Yes, I think that is the key. Most people abandoned API a few weeks ago and most people are using EB.
However, I am still receiving numerous temporary action blocks with EB.
Waiting on JV’s API update to fix the problems - who knows if they will
It’s been several weeks now and many problems remain


If it continues many people will start going crazy !!! :joy:

are you following from other people’s follower/like/comment list or you are opening profiles and following from profile’s follow button? I think that may make a difference too

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This is interesting. If true, may really just be something IG is identifying with EB.

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I get manual blocks when following manually as well :frowning:

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Are you using API or EB?

Yes, software need to update, but do all this actions is not safe for your accounts, you can get blocked in a few days

yes i opened a profile and do a mass fast following and no block
im going to try to do some more today …

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I have a phone with 5 instas on it and when I do actions manually on them everything works perfectly fine, when I add 6 or 7 instas on the same phones sometimes they get blocked, so I think the best solution is doing follow unfollow manually until the update comes out and we test it.

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i do today 2 more round of a manual follow
about 100+ alot of request for less than one hour (i think i do abit more but IG doesn’t count it) and no block


i do the same thing with one more account from the same phone i do about 700 follow in 3 rounds
i think that i can do alot more and not getting block


Well Instagram did something smart, for the first time in long time!

This affects manual actions, we tested Follows, and we can confirm that we are not getting blocks!!
BUT … here it comes… after a number of actions, we did 200, IG is “ ignoring ” the Follow but showing it in the account you followed.
Super clever, to check when this IG process starts in your account you have to check if the user you followed is in your Following list.
Super time consuming. They are playing hard!!! so basically you cannot follow it again without unfollow first…

It’s not a bug, we tested in very different accounts and devices.

I experience something similar, the following count is increasing the follow button is “following” but I get action blocked msg. did not see the follow in the followed profile …

Wait so the users you’re following start to not show up under your “following” list? How are you able to unfollow them?

It seems there is a hour limit, I think is like 150-200 per hour.
If you follow more than this number your account won’t update the following count and those people don’t receive any notification from you because in reality you didn’t follow them.

From what I heard Instagram is sending some kind of request to google to check if the device you’re using is real or not and checking some parameters like location, sim provider, imei and so on. Also checking the ip pool you’re using, if there is any human like behaviour present.

If this is true, maybe the next step to automate things is through real phones.

Also tested following from phone on 4g, everything works fine, even with bh accounts with link in bio.

was the account were in automation applications before?
is the manual follow in a new phone or one that have been used long time?

Its been like this for ages, just check if the follow sticks after you do it:)