Manual following how to do?

Hi. I have started some accounts with manual following for small local (country based) niches where there are about 20-30K followers in total for all my competitors. I have done 7000+ following. I will start unfollowing soon. I am thinking how it can be done in long terms… so now I unfollow almost everybody… then how will i know who was followed already not to re-follow people whom I followed once already? Is there a tool for this? I have manual process via phone and I am happy with it… Please help if you have any ideas / experience on this field.

Thank you!

The easiest way is to create excel / word file with URLs to specific profiles in IG App - with “remove duplicates” function ON. This way you will never follow the same user twice.

So for example if you have a new client for manual growth - first you should scrape 1-2k usernames. Then you have to paste those scraped profile names into sheet like excel and this file will be interaction history for your new client account. You should repeat this process campaign after campaign (with “remove duplicates” function ON).

In excel file you can also transform scraped usernames to URLs, for example from username jlo you can easly make a URL to this profile in IG App: instagram://user?username=jlo. From excel file you can also copy and paste those URLs to word file and save on your phone. Click on 100 links daily to follow+like+mute and with good sources you will achieve 600-900 new followers monthly.

Creating history file and URLs file might sound complicated, but in reality all it takes is 2 minutes per one client per month.


Jarvee can do all these things for you easily :slight_smile:

Yep, but he’s asking about manual growth through phone.

When doing such how does IG handle IP jumping across the world between the manual tier 3 labor and the client?

Any punishment?

I believe the easiest way to avoid re-following unfollowed profiles when things are done manually, is easily done by blocking the unwanted profiles instead of unfollowing.
This way the profiles never show up for follow again :wink:
I am trying different scenarios, and so far blocking is the easy way out. Also this way you have way less headache. You don’t have trillion usernames to record on an excell sheet. I use excell to monitore many other things, while manually interacting.

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I might be missing something but blocking means you’ll possibly block followers? And even kill your ER due to it?

@oneoneseven I actually have not witnessed any difference on my ER when blocking or unfollowing. Drop on ER is more faced when I hit blocks tbh. But unfollowing or blockings seems not to effect my ER. Atleast none of my accounts are witnessing any extra ordinary drops in ER.
Now it is important to keep it within some decent limits. And that limit is different from for every account.
I do like this. At this moment I use no scrapers. I do EVERYTHING manually. I target active profiles. Once they do not follow back I block them. If they have many followings like 1000+ I block them. YES even if they follow me, cause with that amount of followings chances of them seing my content is close to nothing. And i don’t like having a large number of followers but a low ER that does not match.
So this leaves me with profiles who does follow me and their statistics are good. Useless profiles are directly blocked.
I have encountered many things while doing things manually. You learn alot of the new limits and how the algo actually behaves.

Nope, we are doing it without issues on manual method since last year. Our VAs are from Poland, but we have clients also from US, Asia - zero problems caused by long distances.

Same here! Very good lesson. Currently we are doing 50% automation + 50% manual and the growth is finally very stable.

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Thank you for the answers to everybody!

Is my understanding correct if I block them then they can not contact me via DM? I am asking, because it’s a service type of business, if they can not contact me then it’s not really working.
I was thinking about excel as well, but that takes crazy amount of time. Now it takes max 10 minutes to follow 150-200 people per day… checking in excel makes it at least 10 times more. Not? I have the list of the current followed people saved, so I could use the list, but somehow faster checking… :frowning:
Also jarvee is not an option. I do not want to risk my account. I do it manually to stay secured, not?

Really thank you! It’s inspiring how many feedback I have got!

The answere is simple. No if you block them, they will never be able to contact you!
But you will never block everybody. Block is only used those you followed by a “mistake”. I would say users that you would usually have filtered out with automation.
The reason this can make things easier is, that if you are niche based, the chances of you following or unfollowing same users again and again can be high, when doing everything manually. As these users normally follow the popular profiles within same niche.

You can however use JV for a 50% 50% solution or as some may call it hybrid solution.

What they do, is that they do the following part manually, but unfollowing is left to JV to take care of. As far as I know JV has not really had any issues with unfollowing. Neither has it had many issues with scraping users.

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