Manual Following SMMA

I wanted to make the jump to a manual growth service for my clients. We have a few influencers in fitness and beauty.

  • does anybody have experience running an manual only SMMA?
    -what are the frequency / and what issues do you run into
  • general advice?


i currently do manual

almost no issues, a few issues happen when clients uses the account too much while we’re automating and hence introduces soft blocs… this can be communicated with clients before hand… but some clients don’t obey to rules

as with automated software, finding great sources to interact is key it will greatly increase follow back ratio

as a general advice, start small… start from warmup phase and slowly moving upward

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I did manual actions with my account since few months and everything can be done easy. You can get a few issues, like with automation, but I like it. It takes just more time

You can use Insomniac to automate Instagram on your mobile device.

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why did you give up on automation? blocks and verifications issues? manully stuff are great but man they are hard to skill up at least from my experience.

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Manual Following has its advantages definitely but if you’ve got too many clients, it’s kind of impossible to deal with all those accounts manually. At least in my case :slight_smile:

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Indeed blocks - I had influencer clients and it wasn’t worth the hassle and risk of their accounts.

Im confused are u working manually or with automatisation.
Or your Clients are working manually and u are working with client accounts automatic?
And yes not all clients are respecting the rules. But you cant be angry on them because if the use many years social media normal, that normal for them to go in the app if the go on bus train or waiting to check stuff. And if this is spontan the forget to tell you that the are online. And if the LogFiles record 2 Actions at the same time form 2 Devices. Ohhhhh this is not good.

Because just Manuell you can do a lot. The Limit is 24/7 and a Real Human have to sleep, eat, drink, quality life time, shit, piss, work.

The only Problem with Manual,

Time, not really scalable business and if yes your fix cost will increase with every social media manager and this is the next problem social media manager are not cheep. If you lose customer you still have the stuff with salary and fix cost and if your fix cost are higher than income. bye bye.

And if you work with freelancer the freelancer can make a deal direkt with the customer. You allways have a risk. Depents of your Contracts with your Freelancer = Can you Monitor them and can you be sure that he/she don’t steal your clients.

yeah I understand, well I hope you will give automation another try sometimes, JV helped me a lot during all these years, yes blocks are inevitable especially since the “update” but I was able to overcome it with very slow/different actions and great proxy, anyway good luck with your business.

DM me with any questions, I have 48 agents, running 412 customer accounts on manual, multiple devices, and I may be prepared to offer my systems to others to run their own smma for a fee.