Manual Growth IG - are you still doing it?

I’ve been reading a lot about massive IG waves and a lot of accounts are being affected, especially the ones that use automation.

Are you guys still doing manual growth? How are you doing?


i am… no issues at all… everything running smoothly


That’s awesome! May I ask how many actions are you doing per day?

i run 200 follows per day… but usually start at 50 ish per day and slowly ramping up

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Same here, no problems at phones

My accounts are doing good so far no worries here.

That means there is 1 or multiple footprint(s) left behind. After some R&D I’m sure those “waves” disappeared for those who complained about it :slight_smile:

They always do disappear that’s true! But phone auto/manually is much more reliable on a long run.

Usually it happens on new accounts and I believe the warm up period should be longer now with the new updates. It’s kinda hard to start growing a brand new account but the aged one are performing well. I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well! Keep grinding!

True :slight_smile: Web browser and emulators also works like a charm, depending on what needs to be achieved. It’s good to see creative ways to get the job done!

Learn how to set up automation. If you set up waste via API and work accounts via EB, everything works even very well. Here are my latest achievements

It is necessary to limit the number of API requests, as well as to run scraps around the clock. If the staples are idle, they will be banished.

If these are subscriptions, you can do it calmly and without fear - 250 per day, if unsubscribes - 250 per day. Sending messages to new users with a maximum of 50 messages per day. Likes and comments should be disabled, they have been very severely punished recently, I do not recommend using them now.

All fine on manual, no problems at all.


all good on manual here. no stress since July 2019 lol

Yep, way more consistent and stress-free :sweat_smile:

That’s awesome guys! How many actions are you doing per day in total?

I can say 180follows, up to 200 likes and 180 unfollows per day is normal and safe. You can push much more though.

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Bro it’s about manual here can you please stop spamming you BS everywhere?


can you please share how to do manual ?

yes, I do both manual and automation for Instagram growth, Manual growth are better than automation for me