Manual Growth Issue - Losing Followers

I’m not sure if this has been posted anywhere else. I started manual growth for a client in November. Following around 200 people a day & then going back through and unfollowing individuals who didn’t follow back (all manual). Client is at 30.5k.

Growth will be steady, however, as soon as I start unfollowing individuals—even just 10-15, my client’s numbers will instantly drop by 50+. Again, I am only unfollowing individuals who didn’t follow back, so this couldn’t be a loss from people noticing the unfollow.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or is anyone having success with manual growth?


I would say it’s an hazardous coincidence (between the loss of followers from the moment that you started unfollowing).

We all lose followers. So you have to gain more than you lose, this is the rule :slight_smile: So keep on working to increase the + rate, and try to reduce the - rate.

So, i don’t think it’s even related. And yes, manual or automated growth can both work !

Think outside the box aswell :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally understand. I mean, they will consistently be growing by 25-50 a day. We had 30.5k yesterday. Minutes after I unfollowed 15 people it dropped to 30.3k.

You should try to rest for 3-4 days and see if it atill drops without you doing anything

I still have no issues with manual work

I did that for about a week & the numbers stayed consistent with a variance of +/- 10.

I’ve run into no blocks at all. So I’m just surprised this is happening.

Was your client posting during the week while you are unfollowing ? because for some reason each time i post i lose followers too.

Isn’t that a strange phenomenon? I mean I get it, people who followed back lose interest in your content when they see a post and will naturally unfollow, in general, but these days it seems that posting often nets negative followers more than gains them, even with relatively “good” content, although using quotes because its all relative in the eyes of the person sharing it. At least that’s been my experience in every niche I post on.

In the past it was always the other way around, new posts = new discovery = new followers, now it goes in reverse, even if a post does well statistically speaking.

i think beside people unfollowing for loosing interest each time you post, i also think Instagram unfollow or delete a very small portion of fake accounts from your followers, i saw the same thing on YouTube, each time you post a video you lose subscribers too.So since Op was just unfollowing and not following so it means there was no growth on his client account which was just losing followers normally and especially each time his client posted during that period of time.

I don’t know, but it sure seems like something is happening when posting lately, at least more than a typical follower loss. Maybe people are just hyper aware of those who haven’t followed back and check to see if you’re following when a new post shows up.

That, or bots that like every new post via hashtags will get Account Compromised/Deactivated and you’ll see a drop as a result?

Yep! I post for them. So everything is consistent.

man , you need a bit analytic data + list of followers before you started do manuall growth via phone , check out if your clients doesn’t own any fake followers from SMM panels etc.

God Bless Jarvee for these things (advantage).

In your insights keep track of daily unfollows. If average say 50 normal than. One of my big pages on the average lose 400 a day give or take. You should not worry how many will unfollow you because it’s normal ya gotta keep a eye on follows


Sounds like a coincidence. Also, your clients’ page might have bored a portion of your followers, hence they drop out.

Hello guys, I spent some time watching YT videos about how to do manual marketing on IG nowadays.

Found some interesting tips. Hope this can help someone.


1.1. With following right sources. What it means?

Some people do mistake and if lets say their client is in fitness niche they target the whole fitness niche in general. Let’s say your client is in fitness niche, but his real, specific niche and content is towards jump over rover. So you should target “jump over rover” accounts , nothing more.

1.2. Same with contet. A client is lets say a yogi and his content is basically yogi based. But he sometimes posts random pics of what he eats after a training session, how he spends his time with family or how his “healing crystal” looks like. You should post 100% of yogi content if you want to have really yogi audience.

  1. When you want to grow your clients accounts not only by f/unf , but also by manual comments. You should ofc comment same niche accounts, but also write it nice, in few sentences , also you can ask them question and this way make a discussion. I think this will help to your follow back ratio.

  2. When posting a content, you can, again, involve people into a discussion. Write like 200 words caption, also ask a question which your audience would be interested to answer. Also , post more photos which contain multiple photos, like 4 photos in 1 photo, this helps for engagement.

  3. You should write stories often. But only if you can provide value in stories , lets say make short videos or entertain them with nice content. Also you can include surveys or ask questions in your stories in order to get people into engaging with you.

Once again, thats not my theory based on practice. I just watched some YT. Also. this is more work for a client I think. Unless you are good at creating content and you manage a client account fully(post for a client and etc…

I am doing exactly the same and I am experiencing the same as you. Though I unfollow only people that do not follow me, those days Followers drop extensively!

I almost thought that IG is removing followers as punishment.

You can’t really "unfollow only people that do not follow you"

It’s a very short-term solution … After a few weeks you’ll still have to ditch them, sadly :confused:

So what happens when you post engaging captions and ask engaging questions but yet your audience absolutely refuses to speak to you? I’ve noticed that each time I try to leave an engaging caption with a decent question at the end of my posts, my audience never responds to the questions. But if I post a regular caption without any questions, I get comments praising my work and that’s it.

It’s almost like my audience does not want to get to know me, or speak to me. They just want me to keep pushing out content only.

And then when I ask them about this, I never get any real genuine answers to why things are the way they are.

It’s super frustrating.


Happens to me as well

Yeah I tried this on a fresh account as well , and din’t work good… Maybe accounts need to be really older and with bigger audience base…

Shit method. Avoid.