Manual Growth Limits - Instagram

Hello Guys,

Currently I have a manual grow agency for about 9 months. Everything is running smooth and doing about

  • 40 F / 40 UF a day with 60 likes for each day

These actions are spread out in between 8 hours, but I want to make more results for clients, without getting any block.

Does anyone has experience in this field, and know the Instagram manual limits? or how many actions do you do for your manual growth management?

Let me know!

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igo with /like 200-300 manually daily,2-3 session a day, 1-2 days break in a week, I do not f/uf, I mostly grow through hashtag ranking and explore page, yo my tip remove/block 10-20 ghost accounts daily, this is seriously increased my future engagement very nice

I’ve been doing manually action since 7-8 months.
120 UF every day. 40/hr.
160 F everyday. 40/hr
160 comments everyday. 40/hr
250 likes - 80-90/hr.
0 blocks.

Thought it fluctuates from account to account.


Thats great! Just 1 accounts or you manage multi-ply accounts?

One Account. I’ve 2 slave accounts. On which I just do 100 likes twice a day. Getting 50-80 followers a day. Average is somewhat around 60-64.

you can do up to 250 follow/unfollow I would keep it under 30/hr and 100-150 comments, 200-300 likes easy.

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Yeah I agree with Luca, probably you should be able to go up to 250 follows and unfollows per day without problems.

Fore, it has always been 160-180. Any more than that, I get a block.