Manual help needed for 100+ accounts

Hey everyone, Any advice would be absolutely appreciated. I am looking to create 100+ instagram accounts to work manually with at home with my full time job. as I work from home and this would help kill time. My buddy is a musician, looking to mass create smaller fan accounts for him to direct to his main acc, more mass views, more exposure, more sales, support etc he signs a record deal and we out of here lol. good looking dude, good music in the works, shouldnt be hard to get a following. hes already near 60k I believe.

I have my iphone, 2 ipod touches, 2 imacs, 3 macbooks, 2 note 8,s 2 ipads, 3 extra iphones etc to use for this, I want to do this manually, I have tried marketing before through websites and accounts were always follow blocked or deactivated, even on the lowest settings. plus I want to make sure the audience is targeted and ive always had more success manually.

I have already created 40 or so accounts, they always let me follow exactly 240 people then the follow button just goes blue after trying to continue, no action block or anything of the such but as I do this gradually for each account eventually it starts pinging off accounts after 1 or 2 follows, after it let me to 240 on the previous ones. then I get the phone verification code on some every single time I log in… like some sort of loop. I think its linking ip address? I even have vpns on all devices yet it still links and blocks but never deactivate or bans my accounts.

What can I do to make this work successfully? hopefully lookings to follow 300/400 people a day per account and move about 500 followers to his main a day putting in about 8 hours a day. would appreciate any advice.

currently been creating 5/10 accounts per device then factory resetting and resuming to create more as a cycle. then using cyber ghost as vpn, and getsmscode as pva authentication and manually creating gmails on the same device as the instagram was created. what can I do to just manually be able to sit down and do this all day without a block. thanks so much

Did you try out Jarvee before?

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Or at least GTM2?

what is that? I havent ever done anything outside of manual, farthest thing is gone to best buy and mcdonalds and created accs on there wifi for ip lol

tools for automation.

You can do all of it from a single computer.

My brains hurts just from reading that you are doing such manual activity. God bless you


I think it must be a wind up :+1:

I do 37 manual just posting with 2 phones. No follow or unfollow or anything else.v
I would not recommend going manually more than 50 if you Follow and unfollow plus post.

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Do you disconnect and reconnect your accounts several times a day or do you have an app that manages that? Thanks for your time !

everytime I go into a new instagram app( i got 5 on a phone using muti-space, instagram mutliple sessions) i go into airplane mode for couple of seconds then go into a new clone of the instagram app

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can you do this on iphone if not what phone?

  1. Andriod phone – 6 banks of insta apps
  2. Iphonex - insta with 5
    thats how.
    You can also have iphonex posting with safari, fox, dolphin and chrome for 4 more if you wanted to.

all on your home ip?

no, two phones on t-mobile. Each has unlimited.

I definitively have to buy an android phone haha ! Thanks a lot for your insight

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i forgot one more thing. buy a pointing stick to use on phone instead of fingers. i am not kidding when you will rub layers of skin off your fingers what will burn if you use the phone many hours a day.


hahaha made me laugh for a second. I bought a mouse since i’ve been swiping the laptop trackpad a lot lately. I can attest to it

when i started out a few years ago I had 3 phones, one main phone and two more tethered to my main phone. I had 12 accounts and posted and liked via that way. My thumb and 4 fingers on each hand got to a point you could see the epidremis ( think thats how you spell it) as layers of skin eventually frictioned away. it was painful. showering hurt – to shampoo, writing was impossible and typing was a root canal daily. I did not know of bots yet. it might seem funny but it was really not.

btw – prornhub was out of the question …( joke)


My first ever automation software used macro express! You can replay mouse strokes and it has built in programming language, it used to manually follow and unfollow.