Manual Instagram Lead Generation with VAs + Scripts

I wanted to get some of your thoughts on this:

I’m currently doing manual lead generation for my High Ticket Offers on my Instagram account by following 200 targeted people a day and messaging the ones that follow back with a proven script to get them onto phone calls.

By doing this with 2 accounts I pretty much generate $10k+ every month.

(I do not really care about higher reach all I care about is getting leads and making sales through that process at the moment)

Now my thought was to scale the whole thing through:

  1. Buying 5-10 accounts that are in the 5-10k range to make them look more trustworthy

  2. Uploading some of my pictures to those accounts

  3. Hiring VAs to replicate the same process on the bought accounts.

  4. Getting 5-10x the amount of Strategy Sessions and alot of people onto my Email list

From calculation the profit would be massive I’m just not too informed about how dangerous this is in terms of getting accounts banned as I under no circumstance want to get my main account disabled.

Can I have 10 accounts or so that have pictures of me on them (probably Fanpage like) without getting Banned as long as I do Manual following and keep it in a healthy range?

And if it would happen is there a possibility that my Main account could get banned even if the Main account doesn’t do outreach?

Would love to hear your thoughts :raised_hands:


In which niche are you getting such numbers? Doesn’t it look scammy? I mean I only know sketchy traders using such technique (at least in Italy), and I always report them as spam :confused:

I’m in the Fitness Niche

I’d say it depends on the script, obviously it’s spammy as hell if you go in and pitch them your service in the first message, that also doesn’t really work.

I never really got any bad reactions for any of my messages as I also got really good pictures and proof not like a 19 year old MLM dude who fakes being rich and lives at his Moms basement :joy:.

But true with 10 accs it could definitely come off like it.