Manual story viewing strategy to grow?

Hi everyone! As IG became more strict on likes and follow strategies to grow (I am currently action blocked for few likes, after months of struggling with limitations), I am starting to experiment with story viewing. I go to accounts similar to mine, and check out stories from their followers. Now, I do everything manually, and I watch let’s say not even 1000 stories per day (I never ever used a BOT on my profile, which is 9 years old and has tens of thousands of followers). Do I risk getting banned? I know many people lost their accounts, but they were using automation tools and viewing very high numbers of stories (like hundreds of thousands). I would appreciate any advice! Thanks

EDIT: Don’t do it, I just had my account disabled. Hope IG will give it back to me


That esculated quickly

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MSV is a 2019 thing, no one should do story viewing anymore - except if account is verified or you don’t care about it


Wow! That was done fast. Never tried story viewing and only found out about it when it was already oversaturated.

Yes it was very fast. The problem is that many accounts like mine grew over the years with mass liking etc., otherwise we can’t get enough traffic on our profiles (even though I personally post good stuff, I don’t get authentic engagement). IG now is cracking down on all of this and we’re just losing engagement and having so many issues. Anyways, I hope I’ll get it back because it was 9 years old and at 33k followers.


Just keep trying and hopefully you get it back. I know a guy that had 50k and did too many dms and got banned. He got his account back after a week, but he is one of the very few that has. Wish you luck!

Banned for viewing stories manually? Whaaat

Gotta test this out

Damn! Fingers crossed you get it back. Maybe the account age will work in your favour.

I hope so. For now it’s suspended, I have to wait 24 hours for Instagram to review it. After it’s banned completely, then I can start appealing. Since December 2020, Instagram is making it impossible to grow via likes-follows-views even if done manually. I have never ever used any automation on my account, and look at the mess… Unbelievable. They simply target everyone seeking growth through specific strategies at this point


Think @HenryCooper knows a lot about getting accounts back. Contact him

story viewing was working like crazy in 2019, but just for a small period of time, now it will cause you issue/blocks and might damage your account for good, you can still view stories but very carefully using good safe settings

I watched stories manually, less than a 1000 in 24 hours, but I still got banned. I believe because I had some other action blocks intermittently since December 2020, so this last story view activity added to the rest caused the ban. I am appealing everyday, and I will keep appealing until I get it back, even if it will take months. The account was 9 years old and I never ever used automation - so I hope there will be chances to get it back!

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yeah, I hope that as well, keep in mind that automation is not always the issue or main cause of blocks most of the time its how you manage the account and the actions that you do, your timing, settings, proxies…etc that been said, keep appealing and I hope you get the account back

Thank you. I always grew my account with manual liking over the past 7 years, reaching a good audience and engagement. Since December 2020, I do not know why, it became impossible for me to keep up with my liking habits, and I got one week hard blocks several times. After the last block, I rested the account and slowed down my actions considerably, just to find myself banned after some manual story viewing. It’s now clear that IG doesn’t want for accounts like mine to grow, and even if I get it back I will need to keep my future actions close to zero - hence only loss of followers and engagement.

well not close to zero but I think 3/4 or half of what you used to do should be fine just don’t overdo it, what do you mean by an account like mine?

I was already doing a much smaller ratio of actions compared to what I used to do, still got blocks and a ban. By accounts like mine I mean accounts who grew on IG with specific strategies, not accounts that were just randomly discovered by the audience and became famous out of luck. I have the impression IG is targeting accounts that seek growth at all costs.

yeah that was the case from day 1, IG love accounts that go viral by one or two post way more that users like us who try to grow account by hard work and calculated strategies but that been said this is how we use IG and IG know that

I know no one who became famous and reached certain levels of growth out of nowhere, just randomly. Everyone uses strategies, but maybe some people are more savvy… and don’t get caught!

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Story views I don’t think works effectively anymore. Except verified accounts. Let me know if I am wrong

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well it does work but not as I used to back in 2019, man I was able to go over 1 million views on tens of account easily :grin: