Manual Use Block Phone - What to do? Facebook Ads Acc?

Paid someone on here to do manual follows via phone. Reasonably happy with the service but…
I had a really popular post and I smashed the replies to comments and liked thousands of replies.

I’ve had AC block pop up, then an action block on the app, no date on the action block. Is that a soft action block?

Reset password on app, how long does the action block last?

Logged a report to insta that this must be a mistake.
IG is linked to Facebook page and Facebook ads account

Any steps I can take my side to make it go away? Post an ad, watch stories etc? Any other contact options? Is it worth complaining through Facebook ads manager?

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Try liking on another phone, if it work, wait 5 days, if the block still persists, easiest way would probably be to factory reset the phone so you get a new device ID


Thank you very much.