Manually Deleted Instagram Account Recovery



My ex boyfriend deleted my instagram account without my permission. I know that support says there is no way to restore it…but it is 2019, there has got to be someone who can help me!

Any advice is really helpful.



I did a Google search and found this article… Your have to scroll down a bit before it tells you how…


Yes I saw this on google but it didn’t work because when I even put my username in, it just says the account does not exist so it won’t direct me to the pages this info says. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help!


I’m fairly certain it’s permanent. They don’t have a feature like twitter that archives the account for x days. This is why if a celeb has drama or something and goes MIA, they just delete all their posts to save their username and stop using it. You may be able to find a facebook ad manager that can contact someone at IG directly for you, but I don’t know of anyways to contact IG directly yourself to ask.


Yes I am hoping to find a way to get connected with someone at Instagram who can help me. Just gotta find a way!!!

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


people who spend alot of money on facebook ads usually have contacts with people directly inside facebook.


I just don’t know how to find those people haha!