Manually growing 2 accounts on 1 device question


I am manually growing 2 IG accounts from my iPhone. I am F/UF 100-150 per day, DM’s, posts & stories for each account. So far no issues.

But I was wondering if Instagram puts limits on a device when performing actions with 2 accounts? Would the individual profiles limits be less since both accounts are pretty active?

Thank you for any feedback.

I used to make actions on several accounts manually and never had an action block across accounts. Also when I had a newer account, limits were lower than on my older account.

So I think limits are set for each account individually, dependend on the trust score.

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I don’t think 2 accounts on a device is such a big deal. You just need to find the optimal limits for those accounts based on their trust scores.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I appreciate the feedback.

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I hope it’ll be helpful :slight_smile:

we do 3 per phone :smiley: pretty much perfect right now

we tried 5, too many blocks. Yet settings were no more aggressive than running 3

to me, this tells me each phone has overall limits, though its a grey area

Probably because running 5 accs per phone, the phone was literally running 18h a day no breaks

That’s true. The larger the account or the longer it performs constant activity - the greater the trust score.

Same here, we have max 3 accounts per device and it works fine. Too many problems with 4-5 accounts per device.

I guess you all are doing 200 or less follows per day for each account?

Yes, exactly. Without issues

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Yeah, of course, 200 is the highest limit

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start with a lower number, try doing 50 first… then after a week, you can do 75, then 100, then 125, etc.

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Can’t believe people still doing f/uf growing trough explore page is like 100x faster you save bunch of time and you keep it clean and never get blocked…why you doin f/uf in 2022?like it can be good for first 100-200 followers…but thats it

How do you do it?

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What do you exactly do on the explore page? just scroll there and perform random searches?

As I upload I dont use any hashtags only tag and mention randomly users submissions (most niche related) +I believe getting a lot of organic dms is big back bone for explore engagement

Ah, I was under the impression that you were just navigating on the explore page itself or doing likes/comments from there (instead of f/uf)… Thanks for clarifying!